My parents wouldn’t have taken that from any kid.

Have you noticed that most recent television commercials depict kids talking back to their parents?  Worse yet, dictating to their parents?  When did this become the norm?  I cringe when I see a commercial with a parent asking permission from their child to eat fruit or play a game.  I don’t find these commercials amusing in the least. If I would have tried that as a kid, well, I’ll never know what would’ve happened, I wasn’t that brave. 

My parents probably would have burst out laughing before they strangled me and said, “We’ll eat whatever the hell we want because this. is. OUR. HOUSE.” 

My parents were not perfect, but I sure do commend them in this area.   

I had respect for my parents role as the ONLY adults in the house,

I stayed the hell out of their way when they had company, I didn’t interrupt them every five minutes after they told me not to.  Or interject myself into adult conversations. (Dear parents, This is not cute, it’s rude to your guest.

Anyway, I eavesdropped on adult conversations from my bedroom door like a normal kid.

I didn’t try to tell my parents they couldn’t eat something they had paid for because I claimed it for myself.

I can’t say I never rolled my eyes, I’d be a liar, but I rolled my eyes alone in my room like a sane kid that wanted to live long enough to see another episode of “Tales From The Cript” and “Yo, MTV Raps.”





Dr. Oz needs a friend to tell him he’s becoming a parody act…

I haven’t watched the Dr. Oz show in about three months, only because television hasn’t made my priority list lately.  When I do watch television, I’ve always enjoyed watching his show, until today.  What the hell happened to him?  Aren’t there producers and agents that are supposed to thwart this kind of descent into dangerous territory?  Shouldn’t you protect the image of the show host?  It was so embarrassing to watch this gifted man play cheesy bingo games, truth or dare, and stick his hand up a huge nose while pulling out green slime.  The worst part was watching him speak into a play mic like he was a game show host and then handing the winner his new “Dr. Oz” board game.  It was cringe worthy.  I felt like I was watching a friend being made fun of by the popular crowd, but the only person who didn’t realize what was happening, was my friend.  It felt uncomfortable to watch this brilliant heart surgeon pretending to be a game show host and performing what I can only assume will soon become a parody act.   If Oprah had ever tried to sell me a self titled board game, I probably would have stopped watching her too.  I wish Dr. Oz would get back to talking about human poop, because what I saw today was total bullshit.