I Love This Movie David Bowie is the best part!


Old School Vampires….

Twillight was a good book series.  I can admit it.  I was hooked, I read them back to back.  Although, when I started to think about the old school vampire books and movies I’ve experienced; it made this stuff look soft.  It is my hope, that this generation doesn’t pass on these terrifying classics!!  I mean, come on, Bram Stokers-Dracula is the one of the scariest vampire stories ever!!  The images of Lucy struggling to resist Dracula, Dracula scaling the wall of his mansion at night, climbing like a creepy spider, and his waiting in his coffin, listening, as he is shipping himself across the ocean, those unnerving images are still burned in my mind.  The best part is that it’s up to your own imagination to produce these images!  Anybody that has been watching the Twillight movies, I’m sure would agree, that nothing beats the images your own mind is capable of producing.  Movies often come close; but no cigar.  I mentioned the movie, The Hunger in my last post and that movie is extremely creepy!  First of all, David Bowie is in it, that in itself should make it a cult classic.  It starts off with a couple hunting their prey, a girl to murder, and the female vampire is the lead in this movie.  This vampire stabs her victims jugular with her amulet, rendering them her love slaves until they start to decay, rapidly age, and find themselves stored in caskets in the attic.  Along comes Susan Surandons character and then the tables turn……Here is a link to the synopsis….http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085701/synopsis this stuff is freakier than twillight….it should be prerequisite viewing….Oh! Don’t forget interview with a vampire….also a classic worth viewing…..


Susan Surandon deserves a shrine…..

I need to designate a little area in my house for a tribute to Susan Surandon.  Here is a woman who was committed to a man for over 20 years, refused to marry him because she tried that once, and said, “she would never do it again.” (applause)  She raised her child while remaining a viable force in her business and maintained her following of male fans for over 40 years.  I don’t know how many times I’ve asked men which actresses they find appealing, only to be shocked to hear, Susan Surandon.  I am talking about all ages of men!  It’s stunning!!  I have heard this from 20 year olds!!  The woman is on to something.  We should be taking notes on how to handle life and aging.  She did not cry, sulk, or gain weight when her relationship went to hell, she got a man half her age, and started playing ping-pong.  Please note: I am not referring to a cute innuendo for sex, I mean, “ping-pong.”  She even opened up a table tennis club.  She is now 66 and he is 35.  I throw my head back, laugh, and marvel in it! lol  My mother was born in 54 and if she came across a 35-year-old man trying to hit on her, she would probably pat his head, and offer him candy.  Susan Surandon was born in 1946!!! She was acting in films while I was still floating around trying to find my way to planet earth.  SHE IS MY HERO.  I’m wondering if some of her male cult following isn’t due to her risque lesbian scenes in the 1983 film, “The Hunger.”  A man never forgets things like that.  Especially in 1983.  But I digress, let’s continue, she turns around after that lesbian lovin’ and plays a nun in dead man walking.  She is so intriguing, I’ve never heard her make apologies for herself or bend to another’s opinion.  She is a remarkably strong and compelling woman who remains feminine.  I think this is what men find attractive.  She can look them in the eye, challenge their ideas, not flinch, and all this while wearing a distracting off the shoulder dress.  She is sure of herself, composed, owns her body, and has never tried too hard.  She has never had a public meltdown, shaved her head……or worn a meat dress. Jussttt sayin,,,,

It is interesting to watch her daughter, Eva Amurri on Californication (great show by the way) she can stare down a man the same way her mother can.   Eva possesses the same qualities as her mother. A quiet, fierce confidence that keeps the men coming….oops, I meant running……….


  This picture is from the October issue of ELLE Magazine……uhmazing….66 years old!


THe boyfriend………………    ….. 

Baby Surandon Eva Amurri 


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