Single Woman BBQ

My Bbq looks sad but it’s awesomely marinated meat (That I can’t pronounce) from the Mexican market butcher, he puts orange juice in the marinade it comes out so tender!?(Thank you to my friend, Cruz for teaching me to go there!) Look at my cute little Hillshire farm hotlink, I swear


nothing beats those, always juicy, not as big as the other brands but who cares. And mushrooms and eggplants were on sale sooo…

I was doing great with the low carb thing, huh?  Until I poured my second beer……burrrp…😆👩👍👊🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍴🍴


The Huge Ocean Boob

I did the California tourist thing today and went to the big ocean boob they call “Morro Rock” in Morro Bay. You aren’t missing much. There is a huge power plant that blocks any chance of a beautiful view and it’s really just a big ol’ rock/volcanic dome plug “tit” in the middle of the sea. It sure looks different up close though, it IS massive and the beach around Morro Rock had a lot of neat seashells! (That was unexpected and you know what I put them in? A PLASTIC BAG Jerry Brown- more on that later.) I liked Cayucos much better though, it’s only four miles North and has awesome beach swings and better views!

The cigarette butt trashcan signs crack me up!

Hey! You, in the diaper shorts

This is why I love my friend Natt. Moments like this: “So, I am all for people wearing what they want, but seriously….those shorts that look like diapers have to go. No one…and I mean no one, looks cool in tiny, diaper shorts. I know it’s hot, but shorts that don’t expose your genitals should suffice. Because of this, I have seen my second vagina of the summer against my will.” bah haaa

My friend Dennis cracks me up and so does his Einstein hair-do


My friend Dennis who is in late 50’s will send me these random text messages(that I adore) here is one I got from him last night after texting him that I could barely move from all the stuff I handled this weekend. His response had me rolling!:

“Yesterday, I was repotting strawberries the wolf (aka dog) thought were in the wrong place……I almost took a nap right after on the ground from all the pain I was in but decided against it because it would look bad if I died that way and didn’t finish cleaning up the mess.  While on the ground, I practiced a few poses just incase getting back up was too painful but they all looked wrong in those dirty gardening gloves.  I don’t think I should go out that way?  Did I make the right decision?”

These texts messages always make me bust up because if you knew him, he is usually serious and doesn’t realize he is in actuality; hilarious.  Dennis is one of my most interesting friends he is an artist, a devout Catholic, funny, creative, and has this WILD Einstein hair-do!  He says it is the hair style of brilliance because you save space on the bathroom counter, don’t need to worry about how you look all day, and it scares away the conventional people. (Dennis avoids the conventional which is made more interesting by his commitment to Catholicism.) I am going to ask him for permission at some point to post pictures of him on my blog.  You would appreciate him too, I just know it!  His house is also a shrine to antique Coca-Cola memorabilia and his art work.  Definitely blog worthy! 

Side note: Omg, McDonalds burn on Taco Bell with Ronald petting a tiny Chihuahua was awesome!!!! Bah Ha Haaaaaaaaa Whomever came up with that deserves a raise!