You did not just buy a dog stroller!

dog buggie

My friend was rolling down the street pushing a leopard print dog buggie with her dogs in it today!!!!!!!!!!!  Have you seen these?  It was freaking hilarious!!  I almost fell over with embarrassment for her and then I went, ” Wait a minute, I soooooo need one of those for my dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!” This was almost as awesome as the time she rolled up to my house with eyelashes on her headlights…almost.


I left my phone at home all weekend

no cellfire starterno cell 2

I left my phone at home all weekend and it was awesome.  I was seriously becoming too attached. All I wanted to do was complete some projects on Saturday and hike in the wilderness on Sunday. For a moment I thought, “Oh, take pictures for your blog!” Then I caught myself and realized that defeats the whole point of a secluded hike along the river and rest. It was just what I needed and I am better for it. When I did get home and turned on my phone, I had a message from one of my friends indicating her 7-year-old son had tried to make fire bombs with a bottle and paper napkins..(He actually lit one and threw it in their neighbors yard.)

“O.K., that is terrifying and I really want to turn my phone back off now.”

Incase you are wondering, I called her back but all I could manage to say was:

“Holy Shit.”


This is really strange because when I’ve babysat him, he is the sweetest little guy? gulp…. Is it wrong that my mind wondered back to what I had gotten him for Christmas? Hoping it was something that could be interpreted by a 7 yr old as, “Please don’t burn my house down, cause I love you kiddo…..”

Duck Dynasty


A man is accused of hate and prejudice.

Meanwhile, many of the people he is prejudice against, respond with an equal amount of hatefulness and prejudice towards him?

Many are calling this man a jerk, but they are emulating his behavior on Facebook and other media outlets with hate, critical bias, slander and judgment of his individual freedoms.  In this case, his freedom of speech and religion. 

Kindness, forgiveness, and love are the only things that can make this wheel stop turning long enough for a person to consider a change in their thought process.  

If you attack another person they WILL NOT HEAR YOU.  But if you can respond in LOVE, patience and the same acceptance you say you’re seeking; communication and change become possible.  I’m learning that this is true in most situations centered around anger.  When I was younger, I thought being kind to a person that disagreed with me would make me a pushover or a wimp, but that’s not true. I’m not attempting(even mildly) to be holier than thou, I’ve just been around long enough now to realize that if I start to slander somebody who slanders me or call somebody an ass&%$# because they don’t agree with me, I too, become an ass&%$#.  I’m NOT saying if you cut me off in traffic I’m going to respond in love, but I’m working on it.

Since it’s Halloween, did you ever hear about death mountain?

This year was the first time I’ve ever heard of Death Mountain and the nine hikers that were found dead there in 1959.  I am glad I didn’t know this story prior to my last camping trip, I may have never made it. What could have happened?  They say the tents were cut from the inside, they had internal body injuries, but no bruising or external damage, not even a scratch?  They fled barefoot into the below freezing temperature?  What could make smart, seasoned hikers, like they were, do that? In my opinion, nothing but pure fear can explain it.  I have read theories about UFO’s, an avalanche, etc. But, it always comes back to one thing for me, how can you explain that Lyudmilla Dubimininas eyes and tongue were missing?  Those two details change everything. Otherwise, I think an avalanche would explain it.  Such a sad and scary story, I hope someday we all find out what really happened to those hikers. It sure is a mysterious, frightening, and peculiar event.

Here is a link to an article about this story/happening:

Ten things I learned from watching the Mayweather-Canela fight tonight

1.  A 36 yr old middle-aged person can still put a beat-down on a 23 yr old.

2. Experience allows you to take more hits without your eyes swelling shut.

3.  Experience allows you to think before reacting, permitting you to see the sweet spot and roll out when your back is against the ropes.

4.  No man should ever fail while his children are seated in the front row chanting, “Go Daddy, Go!”

5.  Age might be quicker, but experience has seen it all before, doesn’t panic  and finds a game plan.

6.  Keep your left shoulder aimed at your opponent, keep your right fist ready and keep dancing.

7.  Class and sportsmanship are timeless and always in style.

8. Smile at an opponent when they connect a hit, show anything but fear.

9. Fiercely stare your target down when the bell rings so that they’ll know you’re not tired & still hungry for blood. 

10.  When you push an opponent off of you for holding; punch hard as you push back, show no mercy when your opponent is stalling to catch their breath.

When you get older your bones pass gas…

Back2Back1Aging has nothing to do with becoming decrepit and whiny. That negativity is your own mental doing and I don’t intend to ever break bread with that type of aging person. However, I hear my body saying things like,” Hey, this is your endoskeleton talking and we can’t keep this shit up. You’ve put us through some wild rides, all nighters, kept us cramped in-car rides to Vegas and all night trips to the beach; you remember that time we had to go snowboarding with you and you kept falling? How about those gymnastics classes you dragged us to in high school! Well listen, we need to creak and pop if you want to go hard for another 40!”

My body has become a comedy show. It does the weirdest things and makes the oddest sounds now that I find both amusing and startling. I was resting yesterday reading a book and as I turned to grab my drink, it sounded like an earthquake had registered in my back. It didn’t hurt, it just made this sound that internally felt like an 8.0. Followed by 100 bones cracking in unison, readjusting and then releasing pressure. My first thought was, “OMG can I still move my legs?!” Followed by, “Can bones fart?” I’m not sure, but it sounded like they do. My back really went for it and it didn’t care who was listening.(This part has me worried) I don’t want to grab a pear at the market and scare small children. This eruption made me freeze for a moment because the sounds were so foreign and fast. The strange part was that when it was over, my back and overall bone structure felt better! My endoskeleton is getting even for all of the times I’ve danced all night in heels and took its hard work for granted. I hear you buddy! I’m sorry! You do all the popping you need to do to keep going, because you and I still have a lot of concerts to go to and I might decide to try rock climbing….

What I learned from my trip to Sequoia National Park

Park 2

Looks scary huh? Trust me if you go in July it’s so hot you won’t care if bats start flying out of this thing you will like it! Because it is 55 degrees in there!
Park 8
Park 9

Park 6

Park 5

Park 4

Park 3

Park 2

Park 1

1.  Hydra packs are for pussies.  Roll like me and freeze four water bottles to drink all day and more importantly, they  keep your back cool.(I wore a New Balance nylon light back pack)

2.  Don’t bring kid’s below age 8 on my tour.  They cry, they whine, they don’t care, I wouldn’t either…..I would be thinking, why are my parents torturing meeeeee…? Your kids are not cute when I have to listen to them scream and cry while I am trying to listen for fairies.

3.  The rangers in that park are AMAZING!  Kind, patient, funny, friendly, helpful, especially Anna from North Carolina on the General Grant tree hike.  Every ranger uniform has a Sequoia pine cone on the hat and badge because these trees and their preservation are THAT important!  Even rangers at other parks have these on their uniforms!

4.  Hiking is some serious shiiiiii.  Whoooo, I had to take a breather hiking up to Boyden Cave!  Gaww damn… better be ready to hike like a pro or fake it.  Sometimes I would pretend to be a horticulturist if it bought me more time and didn’t let people on to the fact that I was catching my breath! haaa

5.  Don’t go in June/July it’s too hot.  It was gross 85-90 degrees(no breeze) my hair was wet with sweat all day….I’m not that much into nature.  I like nature in early fall or spring… we can get along at those times.  During the summer, I would rather be in an air-conditioned strip mall.

6.  Don’t wear eyeliner.  Especially hiking, unless you are trying to attract a racoon or camouflage yourself.

7.  You will get eaten by at least one bug.  Use all the repellent you want, it will still happen.

8.  Poison oak is real and you need to be careful, we saw a ton of it even on guarded walkways. 

9.  Take the time to rest your feet in the Kings River creekbed. Wow, wow, wow,  your feet and legs will feel cool for hours afterward.  It was divine!  We had a picnic there and it was perfect!  We had turkey and honey ham sandwiches, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh fruit, Coke’s with ice, and Doritos.  We go hard.  We classed that river up! haaaa 

10.  If fairies exist; they live in Giant Forrest.   Which was my most favorite place on this trip.  It was magical.  A dense mystical forest of huge old trees……just awesome!

11.  Deer were not afraid of me but I was afraid of them and my theirrrr eyes are sooo pretty!

12.  Those are some big ass trees.

13,  The tragedy is that most of the people we met were from other Countries and states.  What a shame it is that so many Californians live here full-time and never make their way to these national treasures that people come from all over the world to see. Embarrassing really…

14.  Our tour group was so diverse! Holland, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Missouri, Germany, New Zealand, London and four native Californians.

15.  None of the park bathrooms have paper towels, running water, or hand soap.  This grossed me out.  The city might smell like urine but at least you can run some water and use a paper towel. 

16.  You cannot fully appreciate and see this beautiful place in anything less than four days.  It’s impossible. You shouldn’t cheat yourself.

17.  We started at 7 a.m. and it took all day to see Boyden Cave, Sherman tree, General grant tree grove, Vista Point, and Hume lake.  We were EXHAUSTED.

18.  When you see somebody taking pictures of their family/friends ask them if they would like to be in the picture also and if you can help them by taking a pic for them!  Not one person turned me down and now they have great family photos with themselves included! 🙂  I should warn you though, you may feel the need to invest in a sweet digital camera after you’ve seen the resolution on some of those things!

19.  Until you really see this for yourself no picture can do these trees and the experience justice. I believe every person should experience the Sequoia National Park at least once in their lifetime!   I sure do hope you will make it there if you haven’t already.  Now, on to my next summer adventure………



Park 7