Do You Like Yo-yo Balls?

Whacking my friend on the arm:….

Do those quarter machine prizes look like sperm to you? No? Really? Hmnn…

Whispering into my friends ear:….

Do you have any quarters? I really want to buy some yo-yo balls, yo.

I finally break her, we burst out in laughter…




Oh, look, a tree with a kickstand…

These gems are what I look for on hikes. I can’t help myself? I always find the weird stuff, but it takes my mind off the fact that I can’t breathe and laughter is as good for me as the hike! Right? Right! 👍




Betty Page was a Schizophrenic and liked 50 Shades of Grey?

Well, I just didn’t know a damn thing about Betty Page. (I thought I did?)  I grew up seeing pictures of her on the wall of my uncle Joe’s garage and my dad had one of those pens that took all of her clothes off when you picked it up to write.  He kept it hidden in his tool box, but I would play with it when he would send me to the garage to get a pair of pliers or a screwdriver.  I didn’t know that she was the original “50 Shades of Grey” either?  I had no idea she made bondage photos until I saw this documentary.  Wow, for the time, that sure took some moxie?

She was also her class Salutatorian!

Have you seen this documentary?  I think the whole thing is on YouTube?  If not, you should give it a whirl.  First of all, she was ornery as hell and I love a women like that!  She was also a healthy looking woman with a normal body!

Her story was empowering and sad at the same time, anybody that has ever had a horrible landlord can understand her attacking one…lol  But having to spend 10 years institutionalized in a mental hospital?  I supposed it was also because of her nervous breakdown and the schizophrenia, but 10 years?  She should have lashed out at her father, that man was disgusting which you’ll learn about in the film.  Maybe a psychologist would say her father was the person she was lashing out at in a way when she attacked her landlord?…..

She doesn’t show herself on the film because she wanted to be remembered the way she was in her pictures, but you’ll hear her aged voice narrating the film.  RIP Betty Page.

A Guy with OCD, a Jerk and a Bad Decorator….

I wanted sushi for lunch but the place was closed 2:00 until 5:30.  That is dumb. People want sushi all day unless you’re a 5 star restaurant, suck it up and stay open!  So, I went to the sandwich place next door.  The cashier was so cute he obviously had OCD and I was happy he had a supportive employer. He had to shake the change three times before he gave it to you and needed to pump the bread toaster button 3 times, before he finally let it lock.  When he brought my sandwich, he turned around three times before setting my plate down; I found it charming. I loved that the sandwiches were old fashioned. People over-do sandwiches, just make mine a normal sized sandwich on sourdough that doesn’t explode with falling sauces and vegetables with every bite, thanks.

This picture of an old woman was my view during lunch?


I imagined her saying, “You enjoy that toasted bread honey cuz in 30 years it’ll be too hard on your teeth!”  After 10 more minutes, I imagined her saying, “This will be you in no time.  Grow some balls and do that thing you’ve been wanting to do NOW!”  It was the weirdest ambiance in there, like antique/cowboy theme meets the shining.  The little girl with her dog pic was the view from the toilet!! 😂



Things got really interesting when 4 older men, I’d say around 70, sat down nearby to shoot the s@$ and started fighting about terrorist. One guy said, “It’s all a farce.” The other guy blamed Bush, the other one blamed Obama etc. BUT THEN,  the argument got really hot when this one lone jerk feverently said, “The Holocaust never happened.” Wow. They started shouting and three guys walked out, gave him the bird and left! But not before I grabbed my purse and  said, “Hey, wait for me! I’m leaving with you!”


Anna Wintour and the Pistol Annies

Why is Anna Wintour the queen of fashion, but always wearing the same damn beige/yellow slip on heels in every photograph?

She sure gets a hell of a lot done for always wearing the same pair of shoes.

Maybe we should all wear the same heels everyday, get a bob, and buy bigger sunglasses. It sure worked out well for her?…..details….details…

(Oh yeah, and speaking of heels, I miss the Pistol Annies!)