My Water Heater Instructions Were Written by a Man


Right…..? 😂😂


Do You Like Yo-yo Balls?

Whacking my friend on the arm:….

Do those quarter machine prizes look like sperm to you? No? Really? Hmnn…

Whispering into my friends ear:….

Do you have any quarters? I really want to buy some yo-yo balls, yo.

I finally break her, we burst out in laughter…



Single Woman BBQ

My Bbq looks sad but it’s awesomely marinated meat (That I can’t pronounce) from the Mexican market butcher, he puts orange juice in the marinade it comes out so tender!?(Thank you to my friend, Cruz for teaching me to go there!) Look at my cute little Hillshire farm hotlink, I swear


nothing beats those, always juicy, not as big as the other brands but who cares. And mushrooms and eggplants were on sale sooo…

I was doing great with the low carb thing, huh?  Until I poured my second beer……burrrp…😆👩👍👊🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍴🍴