How to Make Your Laundry Smell Like Your Favorite Scent

I’ve always wondered how one of my friends keeps her home smelling so fresh and unique. I can smell a blend of lemongrass and rosemary the moment I walk into her home and it’s really refreshing and identifying.

I love patchouli oil toned down with vanilla and lavender.(The best version of this scent is at SABON NY:

I was telling my friend, that I wished they had a laundry soap in that scent, so I could smell it all the time on my bedding and bath towels. Then she told me her secret.

It’s so easy and really WORKS! You put a dime sized dab of your favorite essential oil on a dryer sheet and just keep reusing and re-dabbing that sucker! I did six loads of laundry tonight(because I hate doing laundry-boringgg-I wait until I HAVE to do it) and my bedroom, kitchen mats, throw blanket, and bath towels have an amazing hint of my favorite essential oil blend on them!

There were no oil spots or residue on my linens or my dryer. I left to run an errand and when I opened the front door, I was met with a hint of my favorite scent!

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this on my own? I’ve always wondered how some women were able to make everything smell the same around their homes and now I know! I cant believe how well this works as a signature scent? It’s so easy? I don’t see why it won’t work with your favorite perfume too! LIFE CHANGING YO. TRY IT. I usually don’t blog about things like this, but I sure did want to share this tip, I was that impressed!(and excited!) 😛

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I brought lavender and rosemary inside!

I brought cuttings inside instead of buying some flowers this month and I love it!! They have all started roots which means I can gift some to friends by spring and add more lavender along my own fencings.

I love all the butterflies lavender brings! My cat Charlie(Chaplin) is really into the rosemary and I think he wanted in on this blogging thing…?? 🙂 I’m really enjoying the crisp scents in every room! Why didn’t I do this sooner…?

Good-Bye Couch!

Who says we are supposed to have a couch in our home? Who made that up? Who made that a necessity? Personally, I would rather have a badass chaise and a bunch of pillows in a corner that I can run and leap onto! I’ve been falling for the “grown ups have a proper couch” theory for years, but the more I think about it, I’m realizing I would prefer something more along these lines……….. and if a guest comes into my home and rolls their eyes….1. They don’t belong in my friend circle anyway! 2. They are lame cuz my “pillow bomb” area is gonna be dope!
Side Note: I can’t stop listening to Paolo Nutini this week I’m on a Paolo binge!
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