Carol and The Danish Girl Review


My Dream Man. (Matthias Schoenaerts)


I’m no movie critic, but I sure as hell watch a lot of movies and this is my blog so…:

I was really looking forward to seeing the movie Carol because Cate Blanchett is amazing (gorgeous and ahhh her voice!) but I was bored out of my mind.  After watching, I didn’t believe there was a bisexual or gay bone in either of the characters bodies.  There wasn’t an ounce of chemistry between Cate and Mara, it was awkward to watch and unconvincing.  I’m straight and I was insulted, I can’t imagine how a lesbian would feel about that part of the plot development.  Cate Blanchett carries the whole movie, but the love scenes between the characters were so bland?  After watching great shows like “The L Word” my standards include, believability.   We were supposed to think they fell in love, but there wasn’t any convincing chemistry going on to draw me in and make me believe.  I’d have bought it, if there had been some sizzle, but this was a complete dud.

The set and costumes were great, along with the example of how hard it was to be who you wanted/needed to be in those days.

The Danish Girl was another disappointment.  However, somebody please give Eddie Redmayne another Oscar, immediately.  Forget voting, just order the damn thing and hand it to him already.  He is phenomenal and gifted.  He played a woman better than I live as a born woman, I really need to exude more feminism and wear red lipstick more often!  My complaint with The Danish Girl is the same as Carol, I didn’t buy the amorous connection.  Once Einer becomes a woman, the dynamic between her and Gerda is underdeveloped, moving into lapses where we don’t know what’s transpired in between or why the characters are feeling the way they are.  I was disappointed.

The actor that plays Hans in this movie is so attractive, why isn’t he famous?  He is HOT, HOT, habanero chili Hot!   My jaw dropped when he appeared on the screen.  I had a moment where I looked around the dark theater like, are you seeing this man?  Is he a real person?

Oh, and I don’t know if it was a set or a real place, but I want a house that looks like their Paris home in the movie!  The tapestry’s were, WOW.

I’m glad that more people will learn about Lily and the roads she paved, I don’t understand it, but it sure is brave.  And bravery in any woman, is always commendable in my book!

Once Han’s character is introduced, make sure you have an iced drink in your theater cup holder and maybe a handheld fan, because he is FIRE!!!! Haaa





Chavela Vargas singer and a lover to Frida Kahlo…

I’m not sure who had a more interesting life, Chavela or Frida?  Regardless, they were both intriguing, strong, and committed to individuality, which I always admire in a person!  Chavela was dressing like a man, smoking cigars, carrying a gun and singing alone on the streets of Mexico in the 1940’s while she tried to make it as a professional singer. I love when a person doesn’t give up on their dreams or change who they are to get there! Somewhere during that time she met Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, moved in with them and had an affair with Frida!(Frida wrote about unrequited love for her in her diaries.) I am not usually a fan of Mexican Rancheras because they always make me think, “What. Cry. Babies!”  But when I listen to them sung by Chavela Vargas, I feel intense emotion that makes me want to pour myself tequilla and weep alongside the wounded.  I have to admit “Fallaste Corazon”  goes well with tequilla surrounded by your friends, especially if you ever find yourself in the midst of living its translation ” You failed, my love….. 



Video from: Pedro Olvera M. on Youtube.



I finally got around to reading “Fairyland” this weekend.  I enjoyed it.  I’m always a sucker for flamboyance and I figured any man with enough sense to wear such a cool suit and pulled his daughter out of school for the pic; was worth my time. Love.that.suit.  🙂

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