Summer Evening Feel


My cat “Charlie” and rabbit “Boom-Boom” are playing chase while my neighbor and I enjoy an ice cold beer. Feeling blessed and grateful, beautiful night….bbq’d like a champ & getting yard ready for summer. 👍👊💟👏 Spring cleaning is blehhh but feels good afterwards…closets next…


My Cat Loves His Dog Bed

My cat “Charlie” got a dog bed for Thanksgiving so we can go into food coma together, but I’m not going to let him know it’s really for dogs. It would crush his ego.

Can you see the cute little bird/sparrow living in the roses!?  Charlie doesnt know birds are supposed to be his enemy, so we all live harmoniously together. That bird had the coolest light green fohawk! 😄💜💕



Branch Walkway


I want to try to make an arch like this out of all my pruned branches this year! Add some lights…..trinkets…..I’ll probably end up getting slapped in the face every time I try to bend and secure one of these branches, but what the hell! I’m going to build it and friends will come and be merry! I think I can do it, I would rather make a round hive-ish thing, but maybe I can add onto it next winter and eventually end up with a reading cave!

Oh, if my 20-year-old self could hear me now……ROFL

Two buck chuck

You know what I love about two buck chucks? The labels always peel off really easily without any water, leaving me with a clean bottle to fill with colored marbles, bury neck down, and place in my garden as a fence. (Pictures coming)…And to all of you vegans and health nuts that think you’re badass but take your granola to work on your bike in a plastic container…to you I say, “There is nothing more sanitary, recyclable, or healthy for you and your food than GLASS!! Look it up and buy some glass containers asap yo. 🙂
“Glass has got yourrrrr ass!………..”-That’s a very deep quote from yours truly….lol

My Sunday

Feeling funky listened to some Bootstyyyy!!!(We like the funk…) I just love holding this album the jumpsuit is so awesome.
I tried to figure out how to pluck my eyebrows without making an appointment, didn’t want to end up looking like I’m scared or worse, with one quizzically raised eyebrow! Ha. I decided they are fine the way they are I just cleaned um up until my next appointment.
Bomb salsa at mexican place I treated myself to for brunch and a newspaper.
Put some more glass balls all over my garden. Can’t bend at all, ow,ow, need Advil. That makes me sad, it wasn’t even vigorous work…lol
Im gonna sit on my ass now and enjoy what’s left of the night 😀 Translation: Wine, fettuccine and clams, good music, chill…ahhh