Trout but no pout

My friend went fishing Sunday and brought back some fresh trout! IT was delicious! When I see people cooking on T.V. I always think they do too much to their fish. All you need to do is stuff it with fresh garlic & lemon slices. Rub both sides with olive oil, salt and pepper both sides and then broil on normal about 20 minutes. The skin will come right off and the spine pulls right out! Try it, the best recipes are the simplest. I promise. DELICIOUSSSS BURP. 🙂


Ceviche with carrots!

My neighbor taught me to make ceviche with carrots. What was really interesting is that she says the women in her family don’t get osteoporosis? She attributes this to all of the carrots they eat and the fact that they are high in calcium. Hmnnn. She said its a long held family tradition. Who am I to argue with her traditions and heartfelt theory. All I know is this is sooooo delicious and easy!
Here is her recipe:
2 carrots hand grated on a cheese grater (It really did make a difference in taste and texture)
2 large lemons juiced
Boiled shrimp (medium to large prawns)
Handful of chopped cilantro
1 medium white or red onion
1 jalapeno diced
1 roma tomato seeded & diced
Put shrimp and lemon in bowl first, mix the hell out of this, add salt and pepper to taste. I love my neighbor! Gaw, she can cook and its always simple and delicious. (and ALWAYS includes carrots lol)