Another Reason To Become My Friend

Another reason to be my friend:  I can make a dope Brontosaurus from my drink straw…   THIS right here, is why people keep me around…lol 🙂



Stella Im Hultberg

I really want Stella Im Hultberg wallpaper!

Stella 5Stella 4Stella 3

Stella 2These last two are my favorites & I would wear that coat!

Stella 1

Hitting The Eggnog Already

My favorite Christmas joke(so far):
Why doesn’t Santa Claus have any kids?
Because he only comes once a year!
My Christmas tree theme is if it’s glitter, vintage, or beaded toss it on there somewhere! Gawdy and tacky is what I’m going for!  No pretenses around here….if a bulb breaks we’ll sweep it up no big deal…


Good-Bye Couch!

Who says we are supposed to have a couch in our home? Who made that up? Who made that a necessity? Personally, I would rather have a badass chaise and a bunch of pillows in a corner that I can run and leap onto! I’ve been falling for the “grown ups have a proper couch” theory for years, but the more I think about it, I’m realizing I would prefer something more along these lines……….. and if a guest comes into my home and rolls their eyes….1. They don’t belong in my friend circle anyway! 2. They are lame cuz my “pillow bomb” area is gonna be dope!
Side Note: I can’t stop listening to Paolo Nutini this week I’m on a Paolo binge!
Bohemian 15bohemian 14Bohemian 13Bohemian 12Bohemian 10bohemian 9bohemian 8Bohemian 6Bohemian 7Bohemian 5Bohemian 4bohemian 3Bohemian 2Bohemian 1

I need a neo-Chinoiserie finial please and some Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial to go.

I’m not usually big on neo-Chinoiserie but these are pretty cool.  Although, I don’t really have a lamp I want to add one to?  I’ll have to get creative.  I also really want some Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial perfume.  No, I’m not a hippie and I agree that patchouli oil can be gross, but this stuff is gawwwwwwwwww, awesome! (A girl can dream and in my dream, I have the whole Privee collection!)  I hate that word, “Privee” it means you are too normal to afford this; keep walking lady. In my mind, I lay my chest across the counter with outstretched arms, weep and scream, “Nooooo, you bastards! I really need to dab this onto my linens.  You don’t understannnnd the cheaper version will just leave me smelling like a hitchhiker.” 


I’m in a remodel mode…..

I am over-hauling my house in an effort to bring some clarity into my life.  Did that sound good?….clarity into my life…  I totally stole that line from Nate Burkus.  I heard him say that once on an episode of his show.  The idea being that if we clear our space, we clear our minds, and thus invoke more clarity into our lives.  I’ll tell you what will invoke clarity into your living space, just watch an episode of hoarders.  If that show doesn’t get you cleaning and throwing stuff out; nothing will! My over-hauling  got me thinking about Tony Duquette.  That guy does not get enough credit today if you ask me.  He passed in 1999 but he really changed what is possible for home decor.  I’ve never understood why women/men decorate for other people.  They set up their homes in a way that they think would impress other people.  THIS IS YOUR HOUSE!!  Why would you hang towels that the people who live in your home can’t even use?  That is not a true living space!  Life is short, use those towels!  I love the dramatic style of Tony Duquette.  I am currently hanging satin curtains all around my bed and installing a chandelier above.  As I was doing this,  Mr. Duquette popped into my mind.  He was an amazing decorator!  I pretend I’m set designing, instead of decorating for a boring furniture store to impress the neighbors.  Look at some of this mans work!


He could even decorate plants for crying out loud! lol