I love this gospel song!

I heard a couple singing this song on the beach in Santa Barbara with just a guitar and almost fell over it was so pretty and sounded hundreds of years old but it isn’t?  It’s from Gillian Welch? 🙂 I need to give bluegrass a closer look….

Video from 1000MagiciansYouTube


I Love This Song HOT, HOT, HOT!

Even if you don’t like country, just have a glass of wine and listen to the lyrics; give it a chance.

Glen Campbell Saying Good Bye

This is so touching and brave….it made me really stop and think about things. In the final stages of Alzheimer disease he recorded this song, the lyrics are eerie when you think about it…and he sounds amazing.

Video from: GlenCampbellVevo


When I get to heaven someday, I hope I can sing to God this way. I would probably not shut up for a while, I would be too excited! First of all, because I could finally sing without sounding like a metal rake on cement and secondly, because I had made it in and was in the presence of glory and love.

Video from: Carrie fan on YouTube