How Does Johnny Depp do it?

I didn’t even realize this was Johnny Depp when I was watching the trailer!  AMAZING!  I can’t wait to see this one!  Southpaw was really good because Jake Gyllenhaal is gorgeous but it was pretty much Rocky remade for the 21st century. FYI


Because it’s Double the Tom Hardy and from the Director of Mystic River

I need to see LEGEND. Tom Hardy x 2 Yessss!

Ten things I learned from watching the Mayweather-Canela fight tonight

1.  A 36 yr old middle-aged person can still put a beat-down on a 23 yr old.

2. Experience allows you to take more hits without your eyes swelling shut.

3.  Experience allows you to think before reacting, permitting you to see the sweet spot and roll out when your back is against the ropes.

4.  No man should ever fail while his children are seated in the front row chanting, “Go Daddy, Go!”

5.  Age might be quicker, but experience has seen it all before, doesn’t panic  and finds a game plan.

6.  Keep your left shoulder aimed at your opponent, keep your right fist ready and keep dancing.

7.  Class and sportsmanship are timeless and always in style.

8. Smile at an opponent when they connect a hit, show anything but fear.

9. Fiercely stare your target down when the bell rings so that they’ll know you’re not tired & still hungry for blood. 

10.  When you push an opponent off of you for holding; punch hard as you push back, show no mercy when your opponent is stalling to catch their breath.

Lucia Rijker just can’t stop being awesome….

Anybody that knows me at all or checks out my blog, is aware that I love Lucia Rijker.  In my dreams at night, I am training to become a member of team “Rijker Striker.”  The woman is incredible.  I admire her for so many reasons beyond boxing. (I’ll go into that in detail someday) I’ve been watching Diana Prazak because Lucia is her coach and todays fight was certainly proof of that.  I have to point out, is it any coincidence that the last two women scheduled to fight Prazak have withdrawn due to “injuries.” ……?  I’m being facetious, but how do we know, it isn’t just fear? Remember when Lucia called out Christy Martin on the street because she kept making excuses not to fight her?  Did you ever see that? That was the moment I thought, “Holy crap, this woman is a badass and I want to possess that internal strength when I grow up!” (This was the 90’s)  I can’t find that video anywhere but it was awesome!  The day I do, you can be sure I will post it here!  It was terrifying, she was like a ravenous,voracious, roaring lion! I had never seen a woman as aggressive and calmly terrifying as her before that! (I loved it!) You can sense her internal focus, when eyeing what she wants, she is in complete control in that moment. They had to pull Lucia off! She was saying things like, “Let’s do it right now! What are you afraid of? Stop making excuses! I will fight you right here! You’re scared! You don’t want to fight me!”  To this day, I never got that scene out of my mind.   I wonder if Lucia would respond the same way today?  I know age is supposed to mellow a person but I feel like Lucias fire is too strong to snuff out.  I bet she will whoop ass at 80 if she needed to.  What I appreciated about the Prazak-Wallberg fight was that when Prazak hit Wallberg with a left to the face she could not recover.  The doctor checked her over and he deemed Wallberg o.k.  to continue, but Lucia insisted she was not o.k.  See, what I mean?!!  She knew better than a doctor she is that AWESOME! This woman is on point no matter what she is doing!  I feel badly for Frida, she did in fact need help and she was in surgery earlier today. (If you are a praying person please send some up for Frida Wallberg)(If you don’t pray, send vibes, karma, mojo whatever you got!) I sure do hope she is o.k. I am thankful that a strong, experienced woman like Lucia was there to speak up and say, No! she needs help now, she can’t continue!   If today is any indication, I have the feeling Lucia has a long career of coaching ahead of her…..and Diana Prazak is just getting started, I wouldn’t go to war with her!


UPDATE AS OF JUNE 15th 2013: Frida Wallbergs boxing career is over, she can not box again due to the cerebral hemmorage she sustained. At this time, she in a medically induced coma, on a respirator, I for one, pray for her full recovery. For an in-depth article which also mentions the investigation of the ringdocs inability to see that Wallberg should not have been permitted to continue fighting click here:–66664

Women used to box in heels and make-up…


As of 2012, female boxing once again became an Olympic sport and we don’t even have to wear heels or make-up! Can you believe women were still fighting for their right to box in 1992? Wow.  Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the well paved roads we enjoy because of the women who fought like hell before us and cleared the way.  Gloria Steinem get’s a lot of credit but before her in 1840, Elizabeth Cady Stanton was getting married and had the word “obey” omitted from her vows!  Elizabeth, never got her face on a coin like her friend, Susan B. Anthony but, I’m guessing she was the talk of New York in the 1840’s.  I would also venture to say that there were teenage girls all over New York secretly jumping around their rooms and high-fiving each other as they admired her bravery.  I bet years from now, some Golden Gloved woman will be thanking the likes of Lucia Rijker and Cathy “Cat” Davis among others and I will be an old woman who instantly becomes alert and say’s,” Hey!  Hey! I remember that!!!  That was an amazing time those 1990’s, it was the 20th century and I watched Lucia fight ……”…….hopefully a young person will be hanging on to my every word, eager to hear how far we’ve come….”   If not, hopefully they’ll be polite enough to engage an old reminiscing woman.  If not, I’ll whack the shit out of them with my purse…….


I love this video of Lucia Rijker when she found out that female boxing was back in the Olympics:

Should men wear bracelets?



Is it chic?  A friend brought this up today and honestly, I don’t care…but if I were to start paying attention, I guess it would depend on the man and the style.  I know one thing for sure, If I were a man, I would DEFINITELY own a man purse.  I would rock that thing and dare anybody to try to call me any less masculine.  Provided I had prior boxing lessons or the equilvalent….lol