Things I’m Thinking About

Why are cellphone charging cords so short?  I gave up and bought an extension cord because let’s be real, I’m in bed while it’s charging, playing words with friends, surfing the web, and rolling to the nightstand to grab my reading glasses…

Crossing the street is not a good time to look at your cell phone and text.  The worst part is when you look up in zombie mode and barely notice my car after I hit the brakes 45 seconds ago, waiting for your ass, as you stop in step with each word you’re spelling.  If you can’t multitask, please texted from the sidewalk.

To the guy that returned a texted and then took a call while paying for his groceries, that’s rude and you didn’t even look up and acknowledge the nice kid named Joey as he counted back your change and wished you a good night.  He could have pocketed a twenty!  You weren’t paying attention and also left .98 cents in the change dispenser, I put it toward my bag of peanut M & M’s, thanks.

Why do grocery stores trust the cashiers with paper money but a machine dispenses the piddly change?

David Lettermen always seemed cruel, bitter, angry, and mean to me.  Good riddance!

I’ve noticed deodorants say 48 hour protection more often.  Who needs 2 days of coverage?  I’m officially afraid of the California drought, this clearly is a sign that Jerry Brown is coming for my showers next…I need to move closer to a river.😂😂😂




Free Range Parenting is a Thing?

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So, I saw the news article tonight about the free range kids being picked up by the cops and now the parents are suing.(Welcome to America.)  When did we start referring to kids playing in their neighborhood as “free ranging” chickens?  In my day, it was called things like: “Beat it! You’re getting on my nerves!  Get your ass outside and play!  Get out of the house so I can clean!”  My parents didn’t call it “free ranging,” but I’m glad they did it.  I had a decent sized neighborhood radius that I couldn’t cross and it challenged me, freed me, taught me how to be independent and strong.  I would stay within my radius because my mother was a great cook, folded my underwear and I didn’t want to be kidnapped by anybody that owned a microwave or didn’t understand the value of good fabric softener.

Our group of neighborhood kids looked out for each other, were accountable to each others parents, survived, and learned to set our own boundaries.  My parents didn’t know they were “free ranging,” they just wanted some peace and quiet and trusted in my ability to not ride my bike off a cliff.  My best memories as a kid are from adventurous bicycle rides, walks alone and exploring my neighborhood with friends.  We kept each other safe, observed some really odd things, used our imaginations, pooled our allowances for French fries, and learned how to be independent and think for ourselves.  We always made it back before the sun set; knowing our asses would be grass if we didn’t. (Parents could still spank you back then.) And IF the cops would have had any concerns; they would call our “mother hen” or take us back to the “rooster” FIRST! Without ruffling any feathers, detaining us for 5 hours or calling CPS to intervene.  Those were the good ol’ days.

Summer Evening Feel


My cat “Charlie” and rabbit “Boom-Boom” are playing chase while my neighbor and I enjoy an ice cold beer. Feeling blessed and grateful, beautiful night….bbq’d like a champ & getting yard ready for summer. 👍👊💟👏 Spring cleaning is blehhh but feels good afterwards…closets next…