My Water Heater Instructions Were Written by a Man


Right…..? 😂😂


This Badass


So this badass just showed up and waited two days by an empty food bowl. Tail missing, part of an ear chopped off, untrusting of people, bold, onery and flawed…..yea, ok, you can live here you’ll fit right in! 😂😂

Single Woman BBQ

My Bbq looks sad but it’s awesomely marinated meat (That I can’t pronounce) from the Mexican market butcher, he puts orange juice in the marinade it comes out so tender!?(Thank you to my friend, Cruz for teaching me to go there!) Look at my cute little Hillshire farm hotlink, I swear


nothing beats those, always juicy, not as big as the other brands but who cares. And mushrooms and eggplants were on sale sooo…

I was doing great with the low carb thing, huh?  Until I poured my second beer……burrrp…😆👩👍👊🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍴🍴

Summer Evening Feel


My cat “Charlie” and rabbit “Boom-Boom” are playing chase while my neighbor and I enjoy an ice cold beer. Feeling blessed and grateful, beautiful night….bbq’d like a champ & getting yard ready for summer. 👍👊💟👏 Spring cleaning is blehhh but feels good afterwards…closets next…

My Cat Loves His Dog Bed

My cat “Charlie” got a dog bed for Thanksgiving so we can go into food coma together, but I’m not going to let him know it’s really for dogs. It would crush his ego.

Can you see the cute little bird/sparrow living in the roses!?  Charlie doesnt know birds are supposed to be his enemy, so we all live harmoniously together. That bird had the coolest light green fohawk! 😄💜💕