Future Artist

Clearly I have a future as an artist…..I bet a psychologist would have fun with this one??……haaaa



Do You Like Yo-yo Balls?

Whacking my friend on the arm:….

Do those quarter machine prizes look like sperm to you? No? Really? Hmnn…

Whispering into my friends ear:….

Do you have any quarters? I really want to buy some yo-yo balls, yo.

I finally break her, we burst out in laughter…



Hitting The Eggnog Already

My favorite Christmas joke(so far):
Why doesn’t Santa Claus have any kids?
Because he only comes once a year!
My Christmas tree theme is if it’s glitter, vintage, or beaded toss it on there somewhere! Gawdy and tacky is what I’m going for!  No pretenses around here….if a bulb breaks we’ll sweep it up no big deal…