Who in the Hell Invented the Burpee?

You wanna know why I haven’t blogged? Because I tried some shit called a ‘Burpee’ by a trainer at the gym, and I’m walking around like Frankenstein….nothing can bend without wincing, I’m keeping my arms out in front of me to avoid motion pain. I was in too deep fast, and I couldn’t embarrass myself by quitting, (Pride issue going on here) so I stayed with 6 other girls and pretended I wasn’t hallucinating from the shock (I have no business doing those moves consecutively!) That was some bull $@!#!!!!  Burpee? I’m hopping back on the elliptical, with sane people where I belong. What a dumb name, I was thinking, Burpee? Sure, just give me a coke and 2 minutes…burrrpppp.
Keepin it real yo.
(Apparently ‘Burpee’ was a real guy with a PhD go figure…lol)



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