The Flu Going Around Is No Joke



I am barely getting over the flu and that thing is a terror.  It knocks you out and your lungs just fill up with fluid so fast it was a little bit scary.  I was on bed rest for 10 days blehhh  I’m so thankful to be healing and back to my old self.  I have a lot to get done this year and being sidelined was not the biz…


Interview with a Carnie Take Two is Coming

I’m so excited to see my Carnie friends again this year!  They’ll be back in a couple of months and I can’t wait to interview them, catch up and rock my fairway key!  I love people that are doing shiiiii their own way!

valenti 1

Here is a link to that interview!  I’m already craving some Wrights pink popcorn and a corndog! lol