There is still hope for California

There is a cool liquor store by my house.  It’s one of those old fashioned “mom and pop” places that has retained a following because of its rare array of port wine, cigars, candy, liquor, hard-to-find cigarette’s etc.  Going in there is like going back in time!  The dad recently retired and his son is respectful of what his father built and not changing much. They BBQ the best tri-tip on Monday and Friday’s that you can call in for pickup.  I’m a regular on Fridays, 🙂 but I showed up last week and they’d forgotten my order, so I said, “It’s o.k., I’ll still pay and you can fill it next Friday.”  When I went to pick up my order yesterday, I found an envelope with this note inside the bag and my $15.00!  His dad would be proud…..and I’ll always come back!  I sure miss small businesses….



One comment on “There is still hope for California

  1. Feminine and Feline says:

    Awe, what a sweet man. This is so nice.

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