I Just Keep Getting Hotter and Hotter

This is the second pair of glasses I’ve broken in the last 18 months.  I don’t even wear them except Sundays, allergy season, and when I read a lot?  They are expensive (even at Costco) so I Gorilla Glued them….some lumberjack out there is gonna think that’s hot right?
It gets better, the Mexican restaurant by my house put Tapatio packets in my take-out! How cute is that?  Ive never seen those before! Tapatio packets excite me….like I said, I just keep getting hotter and hotter… My friend Sue says, “You’re going to get hotter as we age alright—in flashes!” That Bitch. Lol 😂





My Cat Loves His Dog Bed

My cat “Charlie” got a dog bed for Thanksgiving so we can go into food coma together, but I’m not going to let him know it’s really for dogs. It would crush his ego.

Can you see the cute little bird/sparrow living in the roses!?  Charlie doesnt know birds are supposed to be his enemy, so we all live harmoniously together. That bird had the coolest light green fohawk! 😄💜💕



There is still hope for California

There is a cool liquor store by my house.  It’s one of those old fashioned “mom and pop” places that has retained a following because of its rare array of port wine, cigars, candy, liquor, hard-to-find cigarette’s etc.  Going in there is like going back in time!  The dad recently retired and his son is respectful of what his father built and not changing much. They BBQ the best tri-tip on Monday and Friday’s that you can call in for pickup.  I’m a regular on Fridays, 🙂 but I showed up last week and they’d forgotten my order, so I said, “It’s o.k., I’ll still pay and you can fill it next Friday.”  When I went to pick up my order yesterday, I found an envelope with this note inside the bag and my $15.00!  His dad would be proud…..and I’ll always come back!  I sure miss small businesses….


If I Were To Online Date…

online pic 3

My friend just signed up for online dating(barf) and I was cracking up reading the “about me” sections of those things with her. She didn’t enjoy the mockery but I couldn’t help it. (Plus I saw TWO GUYS I KNOW ARE MARRIED!)  I respect people choosing online dating as an option, it is none of my business, but it isn’t something I would ever do.  I wonder what would happen if people were brutally honest with their profiles….  I started thinking about what my online dating profile would sound like. Haaa  Here it goes:

You may not call me “Babe.”  That is a generic term that guys use as a catch-all and more than likely, was used on every girlfriend you’ve ever had.  If you’re going to be with me, you’re going to “Say.My. Name!”

If your mom is a meddler and attempts to subtly put down your girlfriends over dinner, I am not the woman for you.  I am too old to be polite to mean mothers.  I will not wince before verbally nailing your mother to the wall, no matter how cute you are. I regrettably tolerated bad parents when I was young and naive – I won’t do it again.

I come with two dogs a cat, rabbit, and some really annoying God kids whom I love very much.  They will want to be your friend, how you treat them can and will be a deal breaker.

I’m set in my ways, that means you are welcome in my home but the minute you start trying to rearrange my furniture and/or attempting to change me in general; you are history. I’m still wild enough to try almost anything once, but I like myself the way I am, I’m not changing. But, I promise to return the favor.

I really don’t enjoy large crowds, gambling, Vegas, or middle-aged men that still talk about the football pass they made senior year of high school or college.  Living in your past sucks.

I can’t twerk and I don’t want to.

If you don’t believe in good dental health keep scrolling.  If you floss religiously everyday, call me.

In my opinion, a great sandwich consist of only cuts, a fresh roll, mustard, red onion, and mayo.  I like onions and garlic a lot, this will work out better if you do too.

Music, movies, nature, and art are part of my life force.

I can’t compare Star Wars to Star Trek, I won’t choose sides.

I prefer a man with a big nose, big feet, and big hands. (Think Adrian Brody or Robert De Niro)

My idea of a good time is an old cabin in the middle of the forest, good wine, books, delicious food, quality clothing, great leather boots(I like to get dirty if my feet are comfortable), tiny cubes of cheese, dessert, comfortable furniture, a fireplace, and a Range Rover(if it’s good enough for the queen…) to get me back into the city every few weeks. ☺💜

If that sounds boring to you keep on clicking………

online pic 1