Ten Things That Scare Me

Since its Halloween, I thought I would compile a list of ten things that scare the $#*! out of me:

1. The fact that I keep an awesome pair of tweezers in my car glove box because the light is better in there and sometimes I get a random chin hair. (Yes, I went there.)
2. That I still use the term “glove box” and publicly admitted to a chin hair.
3. When I am walking my dogs and I hear a larger dog rush a fence out of nowhere sounding like it might jump over and eat us!
4. The fact that I can now hold a pencil under my boobs if I want to.
5. The thought of trick-or-treaters knocking on my door and disturbing an after work power nap.
6. That I’ve become the boring grownup that turns off all the lights on Halloween, doesn’t decorate, and keeps the candy for themselves. lol
7. The thought of a world without Red Vines and Rocky Road.
8. Yearly check-ups
9. Using the gym equipment
10. That I live in a world where kids and their parents are arrested for tee-peeing. Those were the good ol’ days…. (My parents would laugh, make my slumber party clean it all up, and then buy us toilet paper to get even, nobody ever thought of calling the popo!) Lol


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