Why Do So Many Bloggers Quit?

So many blogs have disappeared since I first became a blogger.  I wonder why? These are some of the guesses I’ve made….

1.  They realized we were merely reading their blog because they’re nuts.  But a really good kind of “Nuts.”  Hey, we enjoyed those post imbued with honesty while you self imploded, it made us/me feel more sane.  Can you restart your crazy blog tomorrow? Please? Please?  Um, you were kind of becoming my muse…lol

2.  They realized they really don’t enjoy writing as much as they thought they did. 

3.  They thought they were going to become famous and rich with their blog. Then realized that really does take some work, so they became a quitter.

4.  They realized they don’t have anything to say or post on a regular basis.  To you I would say, “You quit too soon, there are people out there that are interested in the same things you are, try again!”

5.  They are going through personal struggles, health, significant other, work, etc. To you I say, “I’m sorry.  I hope it gets better.”

6.  They are perfectionist and posting became too difficult because they compared themselves to other people and bloggers.

7. They  were filling a personal void coupled with a need for validation and have found it elsewhere.  That should always come from within so, “Via con dios!” “Shalom” “Arrivederci” Good for you!……….. 

8.  They became too big and famous, redirected me to some new blog-site that never seems to load quickly or properly, and is down a lot of the time, in that case, I did the quitting.

Whatever the reason, I’ll miss being entertained and inspired by some of you.  




4 comments on “Why Do So Many Bloggers Quit?

  1. Sounds like most of the reasons to me! Many bloggers just burn out heh. =\

  2. I usually quit writing a blog once I realize no one is reading it. My latest one is doing better though:)

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