This Old Thing?

Oh, no biggie…JUST MY KISS PEZ COLLECTION! Gaw ♥ I can’t decide where to put it.

A little tacky?

Yeah, o.k., but something this awesome needs to be where people can experience the joy…….maybe a little rotating glass shelf with a light?

I know what you’re thinking because my friend Natt asked the same thing:

“Can I hold it?”

“Of course you can, right after you wash your hands.”

Let me have my moment, the novelty will fade, but the love I feel right now is forever.

(Note: I’m a little bummed because Natt let me know shes moving four hours away today….it’ll be o.k. the Pez set can travel, I have a new “vacation location”, and I’m happy for her! “Are you using that napkin? I got something in my eye.”)


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