HaveHeart Magazine For Women

Have you heard of HaveHeart Magazine? I first saw it posted on a blog I follow earlier in the year and I’ve become hooked. It’s so refreshing to read a woman’s magazine that isn’t centered on superficial bullshit. Heather Niccoli the founder, chooses articles with real life perspectives and refuses to allow any photoshopping, period. The monthly contributing writers all seem to be chosen because they have a genuinely interesting take on things women experience and think about. I get the sense that no matter how nice the writers might seem in their bio’s, these are not the type of women you’d want to try taking a parking spot from. They all seem so strong, empowered, brave, witty, and unapologetic. It’s inspiring! In addition to that, they are all so different, HaveHeart really seems to do a great job representing all women.

I love to look at the art/pictures in the tiles as much as reading the articles. I don’t know who designs those tiles it may be Heather herself, but they pop and sparkle, are brightly colored, have a vintage vibe, and the best part is: they are always UNIQUE!

I haven’t been disappointed yet by HaveHeart Magazine, there is something worth reading every month! You can link to HaveHeart here: http://haveheartmagazine.com/
HaveHeart pic 2
Haveheart pic


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