This Old Thing?

Oh, no biggie…JUST MY KISS PEZ COLLECTION! Gaw ♥ I can’t decide where to put it.

A little tacky?

Yeah, o.k., but something this awesome needs to be where people can experience the joy…….maybe a little rotating glass shelf with a light?

I know what you’re thinking because my friend Natt asked the same thing:

“Can I hold it?”

“Of course you can, right after you wash your hands.”

Let me have my moment, the novelty will fade, but the love I feel right now is forever.

(Note: I’m a little bummed because Natt let me know shes moving four hours away today….it’ll be o.k. the Pez set can travel, I have a new “vacation location”, and I’m happy for her! “Are you using that napkin? I got something in my eye.”)


Not an Ordinary Grape

I found a hermaphroditic grape tonight at dinner. This is a good example of why I avoid group settings. How am I supposed to keep a gem like this to myself? I wanted to interrupt diners and pass it around saying, “Hey, you—look at my grape! Go on, handle it, flip it around if you want to, dont be shy, a real beaut isn’t it? See the hidden duckiness to the shape…?”

It took all my strength to play it cool…..

Anna Wintour and the Pistol Annies

Why is Anna Wintour the queen of fashion, but always wearing the same damn beige/yellow slip on heels in every photograph?

She sure gets a hell of a lot done for always wearing the same pair of shoes.

Maybe we should all wear the same heels everyday, get a bob, and buy bigger sunglasses. It sure worked out well for her?…..details….details…

(Oh yeah, and speaking of heels, I miss the Pistol Annies!)

Some Velvet Morning Is Worth Watching!

This movie was very interesting! I love a movie that has an ending I never saw coming and wow, was I was shocked by the ending of this one! Don’t cheat and read a synopsis of the film, you owe it to yourself to allow the ending to surprise you and make you think!

Plus, Stanley Tucci is soooo handsome, witty, and adorable in this film and Alice Eve is easy on the eyes too! (I want her cute red dress!) lol

Video From: MOVIECLIPS Trailers YouTube