I Went To A Metal Dump

I accompanied a friend to the metal dump/recyclers today. (I’m always curious…) First of all, that claw thing they use is huge in person! IT was terrifying and I’m no wuss. Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s massive and the guy was picking up stuff mere feet away, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. One false move and he could have wiped me out!!! I think he was showing off!(Lol) The waste made me uncomfortable, people were unloading trucks full, carrying thousands of pounds worth of old fridges, t.v.’s, cars, etc. You could smell compressors leaking freon and God knows what else. There was a huge machine turning old metal bunk beds into sheet metal right before my eyes. It made me wonder about the lung health of the workers, all of whom weren’t wearing facemasks.(that can’t be healthy) I also thought, they are never going to find Jimmy Hoffa. I didnt like the place, it made me sad and determined to do a better job of not being wasteful. My friend is going to show me the local dump next….gulp……I wonder if kids took fieldtrips to see this stuff, if they’d litter as easily. I know I’m going to be less wasteful after seeing this place!


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