Walmart gave me the bird and I liked it!

rotiss 3

I am a rotisserie snob. I walk by those rotisserie stands in the grocery store, crinkle up my nose and think things like, yuk, I wonder how many chemicals are seeping out of that plastic after sitting under those heat lamps all day. That is just plain laziness; roasting a chicken is so easy!

Um..That was until last Friday, when I tried out the new neighborhood Walmart that opened by my house. Normally, I avoid Walmart like the plague, but this place doesn’t even resemble Walmart. Do you have one in your neighborhood? I am in love with this place, it was so clean and organized? The isles are wider, so you don’t end up pinned in at the end of one by a slow moving person in spandex and a shopping cart. This place has everything I need in a pinch and is open 24 hours!

I walked past the rotisserie stand and I don’t know what got into me? I think it was the $4.93 price tag that made me stop. I was getting weak, it was the juiciest looking roasted bird for only $4.93? I can’t roast and buy a chicken for that price, so I caved and OMG, best thing ever!!!  All these years I’ve been missing out!

As I stood at my counter pulling the juicy tender meat off of that bird all I could think was, I’m so glad I’m a carnivore. I’ll probably never cook again because today is Sunday and I just finished eating a huge rack of ribs that fell off the bone into my greasy little hands for only $4.97!! I think they try to keep everything rotisserie under $5.00?

I am going to save money, time, and lower my electricity bill……

Wait, pulling back……I refuse to let Walmart feed me on a regular basis, only once in awhile, during extreme heat and exhaustion, because you know, like I said, who knows what is seeping out of those plastic containers…….I hate to admit this, but those chemicals were freaking good!! 


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