The chicken soup for the soul writer was a deadbeat dad?

Long past

Have you heard of the book “Long Past Stopping” by Jack Canfields son Oran?

Jack is famous for his “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books but his son Oran is popular for chasing the dragon(smoking heroin) and writing about it.

I am not recommending the book; I was falling asleep reading it.  Unfortunately, the most interesting parts were about his father being a motivational speaker and writing Chicken Soup for the Soul, while at the same time never visiting his sons.  The most emotion I felt was when I read about the awful way his dad cheated on his mother and filed for divorce while she was 6 months pregnant and caring for their one year old.  That is so sh&#ty!  Really?  You couldn’t put your pants back on long enough to help that women through the labor of your own child.  What if there were complications!  Narcissistic jerk.  Jack left her and the boys for a blonde masseuse.  Is anybody surprised?

I’m only surprised this story wasn’t in any of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books I’ve read over the years.   While I was reading the book, I really wanted to like the author but it is hard to have empathy for a guy who has no real ambition, a $3000.00 a month trust fund, and a father who lives in Hope Ranch Santa Barbara willing to help him and pay for the best rehabs over and over again.  


8 comments on “The chicken soup for the soul writer was a deadbeat dad?

  1. But the cover art is great

  2. Oh you believe the MUSIC to be creepy. I thought it was the video!

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