Random blogger thoughts


My random thoughts:

Why do people name their kids Maximillian? Why not Maxitrillion or Maxibillion? Wouldn’t Maxitrillion to the 10th power be a better name?

I wish I was dating Prince. We would share eyeliner, high heeled booties, our record collections, and conspiracy theories.

I wonder how many of the people that I call “friends,” I would ever hear from again if I stopped contacting them.

If I ever saw a mermaid, I don’t think I could handle it. (Freak Out) Same thing with aliens….glad I’ve never met one.

Why does cheese from chain grocery stores taste like rubber and oil? And why didn’t I ever notice this when I was younger? Is it me or the cheese. Ew.

My phone broke on Friday and I secretly don’t want another one. I also don’t want to pay $500.00 for a new one, which is why I always choose a Windows phone.

I feel like my spirit/soul/life is pulling me in a new direction, but I am too scared to make the move that I know I need to make. So I’m procrastinating by typing on my blog.

My friend was telling me a story about how her brother in law was explaining what happens inside her cellphone on a drive to San Diego and she finally lost it and said, “Look, all I need to know is I pick it up like this, see? And I push the tiny little buttons to make things happen! What I care about is the inside of hamburgers!!” I’m still laughing thinking of her retelling that story last week as we sped down the road into a beautiful summer night.

This friend and I also went to see “Tammy” and we could barely contain our laughter in the theater, but it wasn’t because the movie was any good, it was because we are dangerously funny together. I really think we could do stand up. Trusttttt me you would laugh, we’re hella funny live! lol 😛

I’m disappointed in myself because I judged this friend on first appearances, but in my defense, she did the same thing to me. We never thought we would become friends and had each other pegged entirely wrong! Turns out, we even have the same eclectic taste in music and I am thankful to have a new friend that doesn’t need to find a babysitter or call her husband during dinner. We go until we pass out. lol

My dogs are like an old married couple and beginning to look the part, Ellie is gaining weight and Bruno is just becoming more handsome.

I’m beginning to feel a little older, I heard/felt my ankle snap today after sitting too long, which is why I need to stop typing and go walk/run with Ellie.   These bitches aren’t going down easy Bruno….


2 comments on “Random blogger thoughts

  1. I am so going to enjoy following your blog!

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