Buy Bazooka Gum You Might Get A Grill

I bought a package of Bazooka gum today. I haven’t seen that brand in ages and I was curious to see if they still came with comics inside? No comic, but it came with a grill! Talk about changing with the times. Bah ha haa Oh, and you know I tried it on, grills aren’t just for Madonna anymore……:D

Tom Hardy Is Smoking Hot With A Brooklyn Accent

I can’t wait to see The Drop, two awesome actors, a cute puppy, and Tom Hardy with a Brooklyn accent. Because Mystic River is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, I have the feeling this one is going to be worth watching.

I Went To A Metal Dump

I accompanied a friend to the metal dump/recyclers today. (I’m always curious…) First of all, that claw thing they use is huge in person! IT was terrifying and I’m no wuss. Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s massive and the guy was picking up stuff mere feet away, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. One false move and he could have wiped me out!!! I think he was showing off!(Lol) The waste made me uncomfortable, people were unloading trucks full, carrying thousands of pounds worth of old fridges, t.v.’s, cars, etc. You could smell compressors leaking freon and God knows what else. There was a huge machine turning old metal bunk beds into sheet metal right before my eyes. It made me wonder about the lung health of the workers, all of whom weren’t wearing facemasks.(that can’t be healthy) I also thought, they are never going to find Jimmy Hoffa. I didnt like the place, it made me sad and determined to do a better job of not being wasteful. My friend is going to show me the local dump next….gulp……I wonder if kids took fieldtrips to see this stuff, if they’d litter as easily. I know I’m going to be less wasteful after seeing this place!

Walmart gave me the bird and I liked it!

rotiss 3

I am a rotisserie snob. I walk by those rotisserie stands in the grocery store, crinkle up my nose and think things like, yuk, I wonder how many chemicals are seeping out of that plastic after sitting under those heat lamps all day. That is just plain laziness; roasting a chicken is so easy!

Um..That was until last Friday, when I tried out the new neighborhood Walmart that opened by my house. Normally, I avoid Walmart like the plague, but this place doesn’t even resemble Walmart. Do you have one in your neighborhood? I am in love with this place, it was so clean and organized? The isles are wider, so you don’t end up pinned in at the end of one by a slow moving person in spandex and a shopping cart. This place has everything I need in a pinch and is open 24 hours!

I walked past the rotisserie stand and I don’t know what got into me? I think it was the $4.93 price tag that made me stop. I was getting weak, it was the juiciest looking roasted bird for only $4.93? I can’t roast and buy a chicken for that price, so I caved and OMG, best thing ever!!!  All these years I’ve been missing out!

As I stood at my counter pulling the juicy tender meat off of that bird all I could think was, I’m so glad I’m a carnivore. I’ll probably never cook again because today is Sunday and I just finished eating a huge rack of ribs that fell off the bone into my greasy little hands for only $4.97!! I think they try to keep everything rotisserie under $5.00?

I am going to save money, time, and lower my electricity bill……

Wait, pulling back……I refuse to let Walmart feed me on a regular basis, only once in awhile, during extreme heat and exhaustion, because you know, like I said, who knows what is seeping out of those plastic containers…….I hate to admit this, but those chemicals were freaking good!! 

The chicken soup for the soul writer was a deadbeat dad?

Long past

Have you heard of the book “Long Past Stopping” by Jack Canfields son Oran?

Jack is famous for his “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books but his son Oran is popular for chasing the dragon(smoking heroin) and writing about it.

I am not recommending the book; I was falling asleep reading it.  Unfortunately, the most interesting parts were about his father being a motivational speaker and writing Chicken Soup for the Soul, while at the same time never visiting his sons.  The most emotion I felt was when I read about the awful way his dad cheated on his mother and filed for divorce while she was 6 months pregnant and caring for their one year old.  That is so sh&#ty!  Really?  You couldn’t put your pants back on long enough to help that women through the labor of your own child.  What if there were complications!  Narcissistic jerk.  Jack left her and the boys for a blonde masseuse.  Is anybody surprised?

I’m only surprised this story wasn’t in any of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books I’ve read over the years.   While I was reading the book, I really wanted to like the author but it is hard to have empathy for a guy who has no real ambition, a $3000.00 a month trust fund, and a father who lives in Hope Ranch Santa Barbara willing to help him and pay for the best rehabs over and over again.