The 90’s are back!

No, they aren’t, stop that shit. I am tired of magazines saying that 90’s styles are back. Look, I was there, I lived it, and rocked it. The 90’s aren’t back until you fully commit. Where is your perm? You want to talk about being a 90’s chick? You’ll need to perm the f(*& out of your hair. We rolled hard with crimped and permed hair, neon pants, nail, lips, and jelly shoes. When you commit to a perm and a can of AquaNet(do they make that anymore?) you can say whatever you want about the 90’s and your style. Meanwhile, a pair of acid wash jeans isn’t going to make any of us see you as anything other than a poser. Come on…..SHOW ME THAT PERM!!! And while you’re at it, tie in a lace headband ….or add a neon scrunchie! 😛 Haaaaaaaaaa


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