Hey! You, in the diaper shorts

This is why I love my friend Natt. Moments like this: “So, I am all for people wearing what they want, but seriously….those shorts that look like diapers have to go. No one…and I mean no one, looks cool in tiny, diaper shorts. I know it’s hot, but shorts that don’t expose your genitals should suffice. Because of this, I have seen my second vagina of the summer against my will.” bah haaa

The 90’s are back!

No, they aren’t, stop that shit. I am tired of magazines saying that 90’s styles are back. Look, I was there, I lived it, and rocked it. The 90’s aren’t back until you fully commit. Where is your perm? You want to talk about being a 90’s chick? You’ll need to perm the f(*& out of your hair. We rolled hard with crimped and permed hair, neon pants, nail, lips, and jelly shoes. When you commit to a perm and a can of AquaNet(do they make that anymore?) you can say whatever you want about the 90’s and your style. Meanwhile, a pair of acid wash jeans isn’t going to make any of us see you as anything other than a poser. Come on…..SHOW ME THAT PERM!!! And while you’re at it, tie in a lace headband ….or add a neon scrunchie! 😛 Haaaaaaaaaa

This adult conversation is happening

Im an adult, I should be able to do whatever I want. I want to sleep. When I was little I didn’t want to sleep, but I had to “cause mom said…” and ironically, I slept really well. I used to tell my ma, “When I grow up, I’m going to stay up all night!” I was right. I just didnt know it was going to be middle-aged insomnia and happen when all I wanted to do was sleep.

My friend John was killed this weekend

TrumpetsTrumpets 2

My friend John was killed this weekend by a 19yr old drunk driver. It’s ironic because my friend never drank. He was four minutes from his house and had just driven all the way back from the bay area. He was a pack a day smoker that had quit cold turkey two years ago because his son was expecting a baby and having been raised in an orphanage, he wanted to be the best grandpa he could and watch that baby grow up.

He would have been an amazing grandpa.

I want to punch that driver in the face.

But I know John has already forgiven that driver. He was one of the most forgiving people I have ever known.

He prayed before every meal. It didn’t matter if it was McDonald’s or a nice restaurant, he ALWAYS quietly said grace. Not in an annoying self-righteous way, but rather with a quiet, sincere thankfulness.

He never cussed. Just wouldn’t do it. He read his bible every night. I asked him why once, he said, “T.V., the newspapers, it’s all lies, the bible is the only truth in this world.” I didn’t argue because he really meant it.

No, John wasn’t perfect, but there is no doubt that he lived a life that was pleasing to God. He was the most generous, helpful person and strong as an ox. He was always there to help his friends.(all of us) I can’t count the number of times he rescued me on the side of the road with his AAA card and would always make sure I had a ride while my car was in the shop.

A lot of people dismissed him because he was a simple man…but his heart had wisdom. He wasn’t book smart, but he read the right book. He knew how to care for people, appreciate a view of the mountains, enjoy the seasons… I would always complain about the heat or being too cold when it froze, but he never would. He would smile and say, It was bad to complain about any day of being alive.

(He meant it and it usually shut me up and shifted my priorities.)

We spent most Christmas day’s together at the movie theater because we were usually alone on Christmas and too lazy to travel.

He always bought me popcorn. 🙂

I always bought him a soda.

He taught me how to drive a moving truck….He couldn’t stop laughing that day….He kept cracking jokes….it was pretty funny….I was laughing too…lol

He always brought me cherries in the summer because they sold them near his home and he knew I loved them.

My Godfather and I always made sure to invite him over on Easter and Thanksgiving for a good meal to repay him for all of his generosity.

He loved a buffet, they made him so happy, he was a fried chicken and potatoes southern kind of guy, always listening to country music or the likes of Lynard Skynard or AC/DC…He’d choose Home Town Buffet EVERY TIME for dinner if you gave him a choice. lol

He was a U.S. Navy Vet.

I am a better person for having known him.

He loved dogs. He died four days before his birthday. He was so childlike and pure of heart…….

Shit. Shit. Shit! Saying goodbye is hard.

I remember once on a long road trip, I asked John what he thought heaven was going to be like. I’ll never forget his answer, he said, “I try not to think about it because I want to be surprised but there is one thing I am going to ask God for. I want to hear those trumpets I read about in the bible. It says the whole world will hear those trumpets at once when he comes back. Can you imagine that sound? How is that going to happen? I can’t wait to see and hear those trumpets!”

I remember being so humbled by that. All I could do was smile and say, “Wow.”

I hope that is the first thing God did for my friend John.