Books have back and I cannot lie


I got wowed by Taco Bell

It pays to take a teenager to lunch, you learn things!  Taco Bell has a smothered burrito for $2.99!  I didn’t even know Taco Bell had a smothered burrito?  I ordered one too because I’ll try anything once, and let me tell you, it rocked, I couldn’t even finish it!(And this girl can eat)  Why didn’t I know about this sooner?  Don’t tell me you can’t eat on $4.00 a day! 🙂

Trout but no pout

My friend went fishing Sunday and brought back some fresh trout! IT was delicious! When I see people cooking on T.V. I always think they do too much to their fish. All you need to do is stuff it with fresh garlic & lemon slices. Rub both sides with olive oil, salt and pepper both sides and then broil on normal about 20 minutes. The skin will come right off and the spine pulls right out! Try it, the best recipes are the simplest. I promise. DELICIOUSSSS BURP. 🙂

Venice Beach Graffiti Walls

Aw…my young friend pulled a permit for the walls at Venice and did his first “legal” display. Lol The best part was his note he sent with this pic(it was touching)… never know when what your saying is going to stick with a kid. But apparently I’ve taught him a lot about art and been an encouragement! Yay! Hope he makes all his dreams come true……:D