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Memorial Day rocked

I had a Memorial Day for the books!! First off, I did what I feel is the right thing to do and paid tribute to the memorial garden of my local cemetery. I took a moment to remember my grandfather U.S. Army, my uncle U.S. Marine, and my Godfather U.S. Navy. If you can stand in the midst of all of those flags and not be moved something just might be wrong with you. I felt honor, pride, and gratefulness. Regardless of your beliefs, I believe veterans deserve respect.

Then I went river rafting!!!! Omg one of the best days of my life! Afterwards, we hiked with an ice chest to a nice secluded spot, sat on rocks like lizards with half our bodies submerged in the water, and had a three hour picnic lunch! 😀 These young kids bombed our spot but they were funny as hell and shared their beer insisting we needed a few. Lol We offered up some of our lemonade but they passed? ha. My shoulders are sunburned lobster red and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!!!

Interview With A Christian Psychic?

Angel Tarot

I was in a store buying my very grown up gummy vitamins today when I overheard a woman approach a man and thank him for removing the dark spirit from her garage. So, naturally I thought, “What the….? Where ammm I?” Then I walked sideways, slinked up the aisle, and did my best to eavesdrop!  When the woman hugged him and walked away, I grew a pair, introduced myself, and asked if he was a real psychic?  He pulled out a card and informed me that he was and specialized in cleansing and clairvoyance.  I had to ask him his name and if I could interview him for my blog.

(Note: I took him to coffee next door as a thank you.)

Middleagedyo:  “Thank you for agreeing to let me interview you for my blog considering I just met you moments ago!  This is very gracious, thank you.  I feel like I should tell you my blog is tiny, it’s only for awesome people.  So you won’t get much acclaim for doing this.”

(We both laugh.)

Rafael:  “No problem I had time and you are welcome to use my real name and take my picture if you’d like.”

Middleagedyo:  “I know this is stereotyping, but you look so Joe Blow?  I feel like you should be wearing amulets, rings, and smell like patchouli?”

Rafael:  (Laughing.) “That is a misconception and this is an opportunity to show people that there are a lot of us out there that are normal and don’t read people all day long; we have functioning lives.  I do take a crystal with me from time to time but usually only in my pocket.”

Middleagedyo:   “So, I have to tell you that I am going to be honest.  I think this sounds like bullshit, I am not really a believer in this stuff.  I think the instances of people who really possess this ability are very low.  My first question is:  What do you say to people like me that are skeptical of your gift?”

Rafael:  “Well, a lot of people think the way you do, but they are not as kind as you have been in delivering their skepticism.  That is a good quality. The biggest misconceptions are that we are evil people, con-artist, and fake our readings.”

Middleagedyo:  “Hmnn, thank you, but that didn’t really answer my question.  Let me rephrase this, what would you say to Christians that believe a person should not turn to card readers, physics etc.  That directive is actually in the bible, how do you respond?”

Rafael:  “I ask them to remember that the men who wrote the bible also had visions, saw angels, and prophesied.  I am using my gift for good, I am helping people, I’ve come to terms with what I hear and can do.  The opinions of other people don’t affect me anymore.  I welcome any questions, we will both learn from this experience today.”

Middleagedyo:  “I have to agree that we will both learn something today, but I think the men of the Bible were influenced directly by God and there is a difference.  You say you are using these skills for good.  What does that mean? What is good about this?”

Rafael:  “I clean people’s homes, I remove influential spirits from them, and I help spirits find their way when they have died of trauma, relay messages, things like that.  When people are operating at low energy levels it’s easy for things to torment people and they need help.”

Middleagedyo:  “Why do people need you though?  Why can’t they just burn sage themselves, call a priest, pray, and trust that God will do the rest.  Honestly, I would pray and call a priest before I ever called somebody like you. No offense.”

Rafael:  “No offense taken.  You have faith, it’s evident, and all around you, so you can’t understand that part.  A lot of people are terrified of this kind of thing and may not know God. Those situations are where I get to hopefully lead them to redemption and ease their fears.”

Middleagedyo:  “Wait….are you saying you’re a Christian?”

Rafael: “Yes.”

Middleagedyo:  “Personally, I believe that God, the universe, the higher power etc.  doesn’t need your help.  I think what you see and hear could be evil things tricking you.  When I was a kid, my grandma always made me promise never to play with a Ouija board because she said spirits get inside people by pretending to be loved ones.  Then that person will trust them and invite them to communicate and inadvertently grant permission for an entity to come into a home etc.  I have no desire to communicate with a spirit because I believe that to be absent of the body, is to be present with God. I don’t believe anything good is still flying around down here.  Any comments on my opinions?”

Rafael:  “God may not need my help but I still believe he gave me this gift, I didn’t ask for this; it is something I was born with.  Maybe it came down to me through generations because my grandmother was also a clairvoyant.  Your grandmother was correct about being invited in.  That is very true, the spirits I see don’t have horns, they are spirit and energy like us but at a much lower frequency and are assigned tasks, some take pride in trickery, and others damaging the minds of people.  When people are depressed, in despair, and operating at a low energy level, demons can and will, influence their thoughts.  I believe those people can hear what I hear, but it sounds internal to them.  There is a real spiritual war going on all around us, regardless of your belief that is true.”


Middleagedyo:   (Making a mental note to buy brighter light bulbs and increase my energy levels by staying five minutes longer on the treadmill.) 

Middleagedyo:  “My thoughts on this subject are that if you could really see the future and stuff, why wouldn’t you guess lotto numbers make your friends rich, find the best job, etc.?”

Rafael:  “I believe that God keeps a block on that because I would lose my eagerness to help.  I would be in the Bahamas drinking pina coladas silencing the voices and not helping anybody.”

Middleagedyo:  “I promise, I won’t forget you or my friends now give me those numbers come on…..try it!”

(We both start laughing.  Surprisingly, he scribbles six numbers onto a paper for me and wished me good luck.)

 Middleagedyo:  “Hey, if these numbers work, that would silence my skepticism.”


Middleagedyo:  “What do you charge people for your services?”

Rafael:  “I never charge anybody. I say, “Make a donation that feels right to you.”  I don’t think I would be sincere in my wanting to help people if I assigned a number to it.  I have bills to pay too so, a donation helps with that, but it isn’t necessary.”

Middleagedyo:  “What do you do for a living?”

Rafael:  “I am a counselor at a transitioning back to work training facility.  I love my job because it also helps people.”

Middleagedyo:  “What does it feel like when a spirit is trying to get your attention?”

Rafael:  “My insides turn and tense up, my chest becomes tight it feels like adrenaline rushing through your body before a fight. I have to brace myself sometimes.”

Middleagedyo: (Still Skeptical.)  “It sounds like you have indigestion and may need an anti-psychotic medication for the voices, just saying……”

(Laughter….I enjoy his great attitude and that he takes my jokes lightly.)

Middleagedyo:  “What are the top three things people want to ask when you use your angel cards or touch them?”

Rafael: “It’s mostly women that seek my services, men are usually more skeptical until they need help.  It’s always relationships with women, followed by jobs, and finances. Do you have any questions?”

Middleagedyo:  “Hell no, I don’t believe in this shit.  (Deciding to play along… Why are you seeing good vibes here?” Motioning all around myself with jazz hands.)

Rafael:  “You’ve ask some good questions I’ll tell you that much.”

(More laughter. I blush from embarrassment; maybe I’ve been too brusque?)

“Yes, I see good light and I feel that I can trust you with this interview of yours.  You are a curious person, focused; always two steps ahead in thought of everyone around you, and you are driven.”

(He goes on about a few other things.)

Middleagedyo:  “See there, you were doing well until you said, “Driven.” If you saw my laundry pile, sock drawer, and the status of my living room right now you would realize you are entirely off course.”

(More laughter.)

Rafael:  “A messy house doesn’t mean you aren’t driven it means that your mind is not clear right now.”

Middleagedyo:  “Neither is my complexion, I’m breaking out like a teenager from a face waxing gone wrong, but I guess you already knew that.”

(More laughter.)

(I’m relieved he didn’t try to do a prediction and I am still not sold. All he did was assess my character traits.)

:“What is your opinion of the late Sylvia Browne?  I always thought she was angry and she sure lost credibility after she told that family their child was dead and the child was actually found alive later.  What’s your opinion?”

Rafael:  “I didn’t like how she would tell people things with such certainty.  She wouldn’t even let them speak.  You should not comment on things that serious unless you know without a doubt and aren’t jumping the gun.  A good clairvoyant has real empathy and validates the emotions of the person in pain and asking the questions.  I never saw true empathy in her, but we are all human and error.  Angry people should not read until they are clear and in peace.  Anger attracts evil and that can muddle readings and energy.”

Middleagedyo:  “What is your favorite quote?”

Rafael:  “I like Shakespeare’s “Our doubts can be traitors, and make us lose the good we might oft win, by fearing to attempt.”  “I would also like to say that my name “Rafael” means: “God has healed.”

Middleagedyo:  “Yea, God has healed; not you.  Don’t forget that part!”

(Laughter, he appreciates my pun.  Phew…. I’m really pushing my luck now.)

Middleagedyo:  “Well, Rafael I am sure I will think of a million questions better than these later, but thank you for doing this.  It was sincerely nice to meet you and I wish you nothing but happiness, good vibes, and great music!” 

Rafael:  (Laughs) “The same to you, this was no problem at all.” 

(We smile, do an awkward sideways hug, and wave each other goodbye across the parking lot.)