Lou Reed, The Kinks and a transsexual

candy darling

It’s said that Lou Reed wrote, “Walk on the wild side…” about Candy Darling(He actually says, “Candy” in the song, all these years and I never heard it..lol.) and The Kinks wrote, “Lola” about her too!  WHAT? 

How did I miss all of this? 

Candy Darling was part of Andy Warhol’s Factory and was living openly as a transwoman in the 1960’s.  People were beaten or worse for that in those days….this was so dangerous!(Still is in some places.)  You could be arrested for even dressing as another gender at this time in New York?  Regardless of your opinion, Candy had a lot of courage to be an open transsexual, it was a very different time.

It gets better, Tennessee Williams wrote her into a play!  How great would that have been?!  What an accomplishment and the reviews were good!

I admire the strength she had to follow her heart and everything that she achieved.  She basically stepped off a bus in New York with a suitcase and beat most of the odds!

She died young at 29 from cancer but she went out like a true diva, with a glamorous picture taken on her death bed. Who does that?

Candy Darling…… 😉


Kinks Video from:http://youtu.be/nVXmMMSo47s
Lou Reed Video from: http://www.youtube.com/user/XxCJBxX11?feature=watch


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