Baruch Spinoza was right and so was Saint Francis De Sales

“As the queen of bees never goes abroad into the fields without being surrounded by all her subjects, so charity, the queen of virtues, never enters the heart without bringing all the other virtues in her train, exercising and disciplining them as a captain does his soilders.  But she neither employs them all at the same time, nor in the same manner, nor in all seasons, nor in every place; for as the just man, like a tree planted by a river, brings forth fruit in due season, so charity, watering the soul, produces a variety of good works, each one in its proper time.” Francis De Sales



“If a man has begun to hate an object of his love, so that love is thoroughly destroyed, he will regard it with more hatred than if he had never loved it, and his hatred will be in proportion to the strength of his former love.” Spinoza

I speak from experience when I say, “That one IS TRUE!”




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