My friend Dennis cracks me up and so does his Einstein hair-do


My friend Dennis who is in late 50’s will send me these random text messages(that I adore) here is one I got from him last night after texting him that I could barely move from all the stuff I handled this weekend. His response had me rolling!:

“Yesterday, I was repotting strawberries the wolf (aka dog) thought were in the wrong place……I almost took a nap right after on the ground from all the pain I was in but decided against it because it would look bad if I died that way and didn’t finish cleaning up the mess.  While on the ground, I practiced a few poses just incase getting back up was too painful but they all looked wrong in those dirty gardening gloves.  I don’t think I should go out that way?  Did I make the right decision?”

These texts messages always make me bust up because if you knew him, he is usually serious and doesn’t realize he is in actuality; hilarious.  Dennis is one of my most interesting friends he is an artist, a devout Catholic, funny, creative, and has this WILD Einstein hair-do!  He says it is the hair style of brilliance because you save space on the bathroom counter, don’t need to worry about how you look all day, and it scares away the conventional people. (Dennis avoids the conventional which is made more interesting by his commitment to Catholicism.) I am going to ask him for permission at some point to post pictures of him on my blog.  You would appreciate him too, I just know it!  His house is also a shrine to antique Coca-Cola memorabilia and his art work.  Definitely blog worthy! 

Side note: Omg, McDonalds burn on Taco Bell with Ronald petting a tiny Chihuahua was awesome!!!! Bah Ha Haaaaaaaaa Whomever came up with that deserves a raise!




I keep one of these signs up in the kitchen of my house and I made some at the request of a friend for his office today and they were a hit!!  You might want to make your own!! The rip off tags say things like, hope, 2nd chance, new job, love, peace, laughter, forgiveness, etc. However, the ones I posted in my house have a few funny and risqué tabs on them! 😉 Be creative with it!

Flaming Hot Cheetos

This is how I felt after trying a few flaming hot Cheetos today at the suggestion of my 21-year-old friend.  Those chips are a young persons game, Gaw, DAMNnn! 

I now know what heartburn feels like. Yuk. 

My friend eats them every day? 


cheeto(It’s o.k. if a Cheeto(or is that a hotdog?) can’t spell “spicy” right?lol it’s still cute!…..:P )

My Sunday

Feeling funky listened to some Bootstyyyy!!!(We like the funk…) I just love holding this album the jumpsuit is so awesome.
I tried to figure out how to pluck my eyebrows without making an appointment, didn’t want to end up looking like I’m scared or worse, with one quizzically raised eyebrow! Ha. I decided they are fine the way they are I just cleaned um up until my next appointment.
Bomb salsa at mexican place I treated myself to for brunch and a newspaper.
Put some more glass balls all over my garden. Can’t bend at all, ow,ow, need Advil. That makes me sad, it wasn’t even vigorous work…lol
Im gonna sit on my ass now and enjoy what’s left of the night 😀 Translation: Wine, fettuccine and clams, good music, chill…ahhh