Listening to Zoe Kravitz AKA Lolawolf

It’s Sunday and I should be outside running my dogs…but ah, relaxation……music…..yogurt… lol

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Alice Walker

Alice Walker wrote, The Color Purple. PBS had a great special on her writing career this week, but my mind works in a mysterious way.  All I could think was, “Hurry up and talk about the fact that she dated Tracy Chapman!  I loveee Tracy Chapman she’s such a great singer,”

While I am able to retain what I read, the things I remember first about history are always a little warped.   I tend to remember who a person dated, quotes, or their oddities before my mind recalls any major accomplishments? 

Anyway, Alice Walker is a great writer, that is always going to be in the forefront, unless you’re talking to me.  I’m not going to say, “Oh, like William Faulkner, she was a Southern literary force….no, I’m going to say, “I remember when she dated Tracyyyyy Chapmannnnn!!!!!!” 

Sidenote:  I am sad to see Jay Leno go, I always liked that guy he was a gentleman, but never a pushover…..I like that quality in a man. 





Yayoi Kusama

Kusama 4kusama 3Kusama 2Kusama

This woman is so interesting. 

1.  She has elected to live in a psychiatric hospital for the past 38 years because of her hallucinations, but still remained a force in the art world. 

2.  She has worked with Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

3.  She influenced Andy Warhol.

4.  Believes polka dots are representative of everything on earth, sun, moon, earth, being that they are circular.

5.  She broke a record at Christie’s for the highest sale at 5.1 million, for a piece of art from a living female artist.

6.  She offered to have wild sex with Richard Nixon if he would end the Vietnam war…lol

7.  Had her own fashion line.

I mean, she has had a really full life for living in a psychiatric hospital?  These are only a few examples of the things she has accomplished, it’s motivating to me in a strange way…especially given where she resides.  I think I’m going to polk-a-dot a tree in my backyard this spring and call it my Kusama tree to remind me of what is possible no matter where you are…