Alice Walker

Alice Walker wrote, The Color Purple. PBS had a great special on her writing career this week, but my mind works in a mysterious way.  All I could think was, “Hurry up and talk about the fact that she dated Tracy Chapman!  I loveee Tracy Chapman she’s such a great singer,”

While I am able to retain what I read, the things I remember first about history are always a little warped.   I tend to remember who a person dated, quotes, or their oddities before my mind recalls any major accomplishments? 

Anyway, Alice Walker is a great writer, that is always going to be in the forefront, unless you’re talking to me.  I’m not going to say, “Oh, like William Faulkner, she was a Southern literary force….no, I’m going to say, “I remember when she dated Tracyyyyy Chapmannnnn!!!!!!” 

Sidenote:  I am sad to see Jay Leno go, I always liked that guy he was a gentleman, but never a pushover…..I like that quality in a man. 






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