My parents wouldn’t have taken that from any kid.

Have you noticed that most recent television commercials depict kids talking back to their parents?  Worse yet, dictating to their parents?  When did this become the norm?  I cringe when I see a commercial with a parent asking permission from their child to eat fruit or play a game.  I don’t find these commercials amusing in the least. If I would have tried that as a kid, well, I’ll never know what would’ve happened, I wasn’t that brave. 

My parents probably would have burst out laughing before they strangled me and said, “We’ll eat whatever the hell we want because this. is. OUR. HOUSE.” 

My parents were not perfect, but I sure do commend them in this area.   

I had respect for my parents role as the ONLY adults in the house,

I stayed the hell out of their way when they had company, I didn’t interrupt them every five minutes after they told me not to.  Or interject myself into adult conversations. (Dear parents, This is not cute, it’s rude to your guest.

Anyway, I eavesdropped on adult conversations from my bedroom door like a normal kid.

I didn’t try to tell my parents they couldn’t eat something they had paid for because I claimed it for myself.

I can’t say I never rolled my eyes, I’d be a liar, but I rolled my eyes alone in my room like a sane kid that wanted to live long enough to see another episode of “Tales From The Cript” and “Yo, MTV Raps.”





I left my phone at home all weekend

no cellfire starterno cell 2

I left my phone at home all weekend and it was awesome.  I was seriously becoming too attached. All I wanted to do was complete some projects on Saturday and hike in the wilderness on Sunday. For a moment I thought, “Oh, take pictures for your blog!” Then I caught myself and realized that defeats the whole point of a secluded hike along the river and rest. It was just what I needed and I am better for it. When I did get home and turned on my phone, I had a message from one of my friends indicating her 7-year-old son had tried to make fire bombs with a bottle and paper napkins..(He actually lit one and threw it in their neighbors yard.)

“O.K., that is terrifying and I really want to turn my phone back off now.”

Incase you are wondering, I called her back but all I could manage to say was:

“Holy Shit.”


This is really strange because when I’ve babysat him, he is the sweetest little guy? gulp…. Is it wrong that my mind wondered back to what I had gotten him for Christmas? Hoping it was something that could be interpreted by a 7 yr old as, “Please don’t burn my house down, cause I love you kiddo…..”

I brought lavender and rosemary inside!

I brought cuttings inside instead of buying some flowers this month and I love it!! They have all started roots which means I can gift some to friends by spring and add more lavender along my own fencings.

I love all the butterflies lavender brings! My cat Charlie(Chaplin) is really into the rosemary and I think he wanted in on this blogging thing…?? 🙂 I’m really enjoying the crisp scents in every room! Why didn’t I do this sooner…?

Ceviche with carrots!

My neighbor taught me to make ceviche with carrots. What was really interesting is that she says the women in her family don’t get osteoporosis? She attributes this to all of the carrots they eat and the fact that they are high in calcium. Hmnnn. She said its a long held family tradition. Who am I to argue with her traditions and heartfelt theory. All I know is this is sooooo delicious and easy!
Here is her recipe:
2 carrots hand grated on a cheese grater (It really did make a difference in taste and texture)
2 large lemons juiced
Boiled shrimp (medium to large prawns)
Handful of chopped cilantro
1 medium white or red onion
1 jalapeno diced
1 roma tomato seeded & diced
Put shrimp and lemon in bowl first, mix the hell out of this, add salt and pepper to taste. I love my neighbor! Gaw, she can cook and its always simple and delicious. (and ALWAYS includes carrots lol)

Emily Wells is amazing!!

This girl is the real deal, there are no recorded loops with her……it’s AWESOME……she makes it up as she goes and her voice is beautiful and haunting just like her violin playing.  I really like, “Don’t use me up, Becomes the color, and Mama’s gonna give you love.” 



Videos from: WFUVRADIO YouTube


and LaundroMatinee YouTube

I’m coming out of the closet but I love my bra too much to burn it!


I’ve realized that I am a feminist.  It’s been right in front of me my entire life, but I couldn’t admit it.  I’ve been in the closet because that word has always made me think of “Man-Haters” and I don’t hate men.  I LOVE men. It’s just that I don’t believe in surrendering my life’s direction to a man, which I think leads to emotional manipulation and a loss of identity.  People say a lot of things under the guise of love and no one can hurt you as much as a person you loved too hard and in doing so, placed emotional weapons right into their hands. 

(They will come back with the tools that you gave them in a moment of loving weakness and whack the shit out of you. Even women do this to each other, no thanks, I’ll keep my weaknesses to myself.) 

The Suffrage movement wasn’t that long ago, maybe I just need more time to recover from the thought of a woman being unable to voice her political opinion.  I’m actually pretty conservative when it comes to gender roles, I have no problem serving a man dinner and clearing the table.  Please note the word, “MAN” those are not very common and because of that, neither is my serving dinner and clearing a table.

(I sound like a man hater.)

I am not a man hater.  It’s just that I cringe when I see strong; smart, accomplished women I’ve known become meek, toss away their dreams, and live miserably for the “love” of a man.  

(That is not attractive on a man or a woman.)

I see men use religion to hold a woman in a state of emotional guilt and self-doubt, directing her toward introspection saying things like, “You need to pray about your attitude; while he plays a video game.”

(I’m not a man hater. I’ve known some awesome religious men in my time that never told me to pray about my state of mind.)

I want to shake these women and say, “Don’t you know you can have it all?  There are men out there that will love you without wanting to change you.  There are men out there that will not guilt you into becoming what THEY think you should be.  There are men in this world that will not direct you like a puppet, they will happily take a seat and cheer you on.  

(True love knows that support in a relationship is a two-way street and reciprocation has nothing to do with gender.)

There are men that won’t hide behind religion to keep you grounded.  There are men that won’t talk about faith, they’ll exercise their faith.  Real faith confidently sets a woman free.   I want to grab some women and say, “Its o.k. to be alone, have you ever tried it longer than a few months? It’s better than these relationships!” But if you want a man, “Just be yourself!” There are men that will feel invigorated by your idiosyncrasies and not expect you to change, but he won’t change either, because real love doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

A woman I know said, “I begged “Justin” for this mug and he let me have it, I really wanted the set of four but he said, “No, just one.”  She is 45, married to “Justin” and an accomplished teacher with a Masters in communication.  I didn’t know what to say?  I tried to smile politely wanting to say, “Oh, that’s great what a cute mug!”  But I stood there in shock with my eyes open wide and everything inside of me asking why a woman would do this to herself on purpose?  Then I heard a closet door creak open, finally said, “F*&^ it and hopped out.”  I can’t pretend anymore, because I know that love doesn’t do that, and I love myself enough to come out into the light. It’s time to call Gloria…Gloria can you hear me?

Reasons why your life sucks

Life suckslife sucks2

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this article in The Huffington Post today, I want to hug Raymmar Tirado…..and Arianna Huffington while I’m at it, for having the balls to keep printing interesting, honest, and taboo articles.  Even the title is great: 7 REASONS WHY YOU WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING AMAZING WITH YOUR LIFE

Check it out: