You should take a knife to your eye….

Does middle-age mean it’s time to learn to embrace an X-Acto knife? 

My friend is about 15 years older than me and she is getting her eyes worked on for the second time tomorrow. (I’m worried about her, but I’m told it’s a safe, local anesthesia in-house procedure.) 

I see somethings I wouldn’t mind sucking back to tighter days but……Oh, I’m such a wimp? The thought of somebody cutting into my eyelid to suck out fat in order to make a bag under my eye go away makes me want to run screaming into the wilderness. (Where I would use the phone in my purse to call for help.)  

As I age, (I’m so dramatic, I still have awhile until I even hit 40. lol) I am beginning to wonder just how vain I really am?  I talk a big game, but when it came down to it, could I really use a dermaroller with hundreds of needles and run that sucker across my face in the name of preserving my beauty and increasing collagen?  

This is where I run screaming, clutching my purse to my chest into the wilderness…………….

My friend uses one of these things and she DOES look amazing?  I am proud of the way she takes care of herself and is always on the cutting edge of beauty improvements, BUT will I have her nerve?   Or will I end up looking like Mrs. Roper from Threes Company?

See that? 

That.right.there. is more of a concern to me than altering my flesh.  I need to stop using references that date me……that was painful and didn’t even involve a knife.



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