I can sum up the Grammys

Lorde is a boss.

Pharrell is feeling park ranger style or it’s a tribute to Smokey the Bear puff, puff, pass….not sure.  But he is so cute, I want to tickle him.

Taylor Swift is well,…..

Beyonce and Jay-Z= Yep, they really do run it.

Daft Punk is out of this world.

Metallica is almost unrecognizable, they cut their hair.

Did you know The Huffington Post has nude pictures of Jean-Michele Basquiat right now?  Look that up!  Sorry, I  got sidetracked.

Blake Shelton had to get Willie and Kris back in tune A LOT. Willie and Kris#LEGENDS ❤

Ozzy Osbourne.  Poor Guy, he couldn’t remember the word, “Beatles.”

Tyler Perry grew a mustache.

Pink is ALL WOMAN.  Get out of her way.

Macklemore is kind of rapper?

If you get married at the Grammys; Madonna might sing.

There, summed up.

Chilling with my fur kids

I can’t believe I used to say I’d never let my dogs in the house? LOOK HOW FAR THESE TWO HAVE MADE IT IN TWO YEARS…. I still cant let them roam free, (too big, break stuff) but they are family now and like to chill on their pad at night in whatever room I’m in…….love,love, LOVE! 😀 I’m a sucker. Lol


Michelle Lamy is such a badass!

Well, let’s just complete law school, become a gypsy, open a club/cafe, party with stars, travel the world over, get some gold teeth, tattoo the hell out of your fingers, be fearless, sing, become a stripper, what the hell, do some cabaret, get married, have an amazingly talented child, marry a mogul (Rick Owens) whom you met through his boyfriend, be just as wild in your 70’s as you were in the 70’s in your 20’s, and the only wish you have left is that you were Snoop Dogg…..TRUE STORY.

I just love a woman who lives freely in the face of age and independently handles her shit with originality. 

The best video I’ve seen even against written interviews, was on Sylelikeu another one of my loves…!