Duck Dynasty


A man is accused of hate and prejudice.

Meanwhile, many of the people he is prejudice against, respond with an equal amount of hatefulness and prejudice towards him?

Many are calling this man a jerk, but they are emulating his behavior on Facebook and other media outlets with hate, critical bias, slander and judgment of his individual freedoms.  In this case, his freedom of speech and religion. 

Kindness, forgiveness, and love are the only things that can make this wheel stop turning long enough for a person to consider a change in their thought process.  

If you attack another person they WILL NOT HEAR YOU.  But if you can respond in LOVE, patience and the same acceptance you say you’re seeking; communication and change become possible.  I’m learning that this is true in most situations centered around anger.  When I was younger, I thought being kind to a person that disagreed with me would make me a pushover or a wimp, but that’s not true. I’m not attempting(even mildly) to be holier than thou, I’ve just been around long enough now to realize that if I start to slander somebody who slanders me or call somebody an ass&%$# because they don’t agree with me, I too, become an ass&%$#.  I’m NOT saying if you cut me off in traffic I’m going to respond in love, but I’m working on it.


2 comments on “Duck Dynasty

  1. charcoalblue says:

    Let me know how this love thing goes ….

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