The dentist…but I like garlic

I have a dentist appointment in the a.m. and I’m suddenly craving fresh salsa with raw onions and garlic. yummm.  I’ve been going to my dentist for over 25 years, I LOVE HIM!  He is great!  My fillings are older than that, so I’m getting them replaced just as a preventative measure.  How many people can say their fillings lasted 25 years?  That’s how amazing his work is!  I want salsa so badly but I have to hold out, my dentist is the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a man; I can’t blow it now with bad breath! It’s bad enough I’ll have espresso in the morning; I better not push it.  We have a really good thing going….. (lol) 



2 comments on “The dentist…but I like garlic

  1. charcoalblue says:

    That is impressive. Same dentist for that long. I have been going to dentist in Peru these last few weeks. I’ve been pretty impressed. I eat hummus made with garlic before I go, I just don’t have the stamina to hold out.

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