My Jello expired what does that say about a person?

I came home tonight and decided to cook for the first time in probably a month.  I opened my fridge to hold the vegetables I had left over and there was nothing in there? Vegetable drawer-empty. Fruit drawer-empty. Condiments? Let’s see, I found hot sauce, tooth bleaching tubes from my dentist, butter, a few laughing cows, ketchup, capers, sour cream, and that’s about it.  Not even mustard?  

I sat there thinking, “what does this say about me?”  Am I too busy? Are my priorities off the mark because I’ve been eating out lately?  But I’ve actually SAVED money? That’s true, I was spending more money when I was grocery shopping for days worth of meals. What really stopped me though, was the foil topped  Jello containers that I could have sworn I had just bought, they expired two months ago…  Who has expired Jello sitting around? ew.  I’m a little embarrassed, but at least my fridge is clean and uncluttered.  I think I will add an invitation to my Christmas cards this year: “Hey, if you need a place to hide that salami and cheese box you brought for your uncle Joe this holiday, I have two shelves and some produce drawers you’re welcome to!”


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