Excuse me, this plate is plastic?

Plastic sucks

I went to a pretty nice restaurant near my home tonight that I like to treat myself to periodically.(amazing cocktails & grilled fish with capers) I sat there a moment after they served my dinner and I couldn’t figure out what was missing, it was too quiet, and something was off?  I sat there confused looking around and wondering if I was going crazy and then it donned on me….
plastic plate


As I cut into my food and rested my knife on the side of the plate, I heard a “Clunk sound” not a “Clink,”  then I tapped my plate with my fork like a rabbit stomping their foot, “Thunk, Thunk” they had served me on a plastic plate!  I couldn’t believe it? But hadn’t I just placed a cloth napkin on my lap earlier? If you are going to cheat me out of proper restaurant “Plate clinking” sounds and serve me on a plastic plate, you need to lower the price.  That price includes the idea that I am going to be served on a real plate and get to hear dishware clinking together creating that nice restaurant ambiance I thought I was paying for.  If I wanted to eat off of a plastic plate, I would’ve gone on a picnic.


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