If you are five years old then I’m an artist


I painted windows for a charity today in the most disadvantaged part of the city and that made me happy!  There are no holiday windows painted in this area and there are so many families with small children walking by these windows everyday because they can’t afford vehicles and it’s positioned in front of a bus stop.  If you are an artist in any capacity, I would like to suggest that you volunteer your services to your community.  You would be surprised by the impact something as simple as a painted window can have on children growing up in the midst of poverty.  The shopping centers in these areas aren’t decorated with wreaths and Christmas decorations like your local mall and popular shopping centers, it seemed forgotten to tell you the truth….that was until I rolled up with a bucket and some paint…….High 5!!!!  I’ll be back out there Sunday to finish the other side…..I’m thinking elves….lol

(Note: These pictures were taken before I was finished, I hope to post finished pictures later and some with the happy kids! Christmastime is coming!!Yay! 🙂


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