America’s First Female Rocket Scientist!

Rocket girlI’m reading ROCKET GIRL!!  This lady was amazing, she was one woman out of 900 MALE engineers and developed the liquid fuel HYDYNE in 1957! THIS IS THE KIND OF WOMAN I THINK WE SHOULD BE PUTTING ON THE COVER OF MAGAZINES just sayin…..and what a badass?  Being a rocket scientist was no big deal to her, she laid low….not seeking acclaim or fame, she just chilled and went back to civilian life…  That makes her even more awesome in my opinion.  Did I mention that she had no degree and even had a child out-of-wedlock? What a rebel! 


Mary Sherman Morgan should be in every history book, in every high school in America!   I am so glad I took the time to read her story, I’m sorry I didn’t realize her accomplishments sooner, I will definitely do my best to mention her name and the contribution she made to American space exploration at every opportunity in the future. The next time I have dinner with friends, we will toast to you, Mary Sherman Morgan!

Video From: Trost Outdoors YouTube


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