Somethings I got for Christmas!

Backpack: It is so unique, it has alien skulls embossed on the leather, ahhh cute!
A silk and paper kite: I put it up on the ceiling for a while because I will surely destroy it when I fly it and I want to enjoy it first.
Torrone: My favorite candy! To fill my little candy dish.
Betsey Johnson robe and clutch: Since I got this clutch for Christmas, I don’t want to go back to a purse, I’m in love with this thing and the black bows on my robe!
Kilian Hennessy Perfume and a Jewel Kade necklace: My friend sells Jewel Kade and I am just not into it, but she sent me this necklace and I LOVED IT. The best part though, was the discovery of Kilian Hennessy via samples that she sent, I will probably never wear another perfume again, this guy knows what he is doing!
Betsey Johnson texting gloves: That cracks me up, “Texting Gloves” but that really is what they are and its funny, I already love to text in them!
Pressed stone India elephant: It feels so earthy and soothing.
Nook: At first I thought, “Eh, who needs a Nook, I can use my laptop and I probably won’t like it.” But I LOVE IT! It is so lightweight and easy to use, I will always prefer an old-fashioned book but this will be great for some hard to find books and newspapers. The first book I’ve ordered is Zadig by Voltaire.

A well-made shoe is art, especially from Italy!

Don’t try to tell me otherwise and on a side note, If I had this kind of shoe money sitting around, I think I would rather have a web under my shoe instead of a red sole. I’d definitely hop in my heels, right up into the Charlotte Olympia bandwagon!

Video From: Ivan Allegranti YouTube

Street musician

Admittedly, when I first pulled up to the strip mall for nail polish remover and saw this kid, I thought how can I walk around him and still get into the store? Then he started to sing. Wow, his voice was amazing, he strummed beautifully, and I thought, “This takes guts to be out here like this at his age……high school kids can be cruel.” I loved how he had literally taken off his hat and placed it on the floor….the whole thing was effortless really. So, I invested in his dream with about ten other people and put a few bucks in his hat and snapped a picture on my way out…..good luck kid.

Mimosas from my orange tree…oh yeah…

I have an orange tree in my yard that I love so much, I could almost become a tree hugger. The oranges are sugary sweet and full of juice. We squeezed some this a.m. for Christmas breakfast! It made for an amazing mimosa but I cant wait to eat some right off the tree tomorrow in their pure and natural state, yum. Breakfast was a good time, we ate too much linguisa though!