I make people do my dirty work at the grocery store

grocery blog2

I am becoming a clever woman.  I used to try to move around people when I was in busy sections of a grocery store.  Now, I just say, ” Hello, would you mind handing me a bag for my cucumbers?” “Thank youuuu..” (In my head I’m thinking, since you are blocking the whole darn isle and standing right in front of the roll of bags!)  You’d be surprised how smoothly that goes.  That person is happy because they feel generous and helpful, and I get to manuever around them without having to go through crowds of people to get to the tomatoes.  Then there are those women that spend five minutes trying to find an onion.  Look, if it’s hard, it’s a good onion, same goes for cucumbers, carrots, melons, “a’hem” etc.(lol)  What takes 5 minutes?  When I see those 5 minute women, I swoop in on the side of the stack, grab what I need, and get the hell out of there!  When I get to the mozzarella in water and there are the 5 minute people staring at every cheese on the shelf, instead of busting through and sticking my arm in sideways, I simply say, “Would you mind handing me one of those containers of mozzarella in water there? Thank Youuuuu…” LOL  They would really rather assist me than move?  By the time I’m circling around to head to the check-out I see half of those cheese isle people barely leaving and moving on to the milk. 
Grocery Blog
I’m getting really good at this, I’m going to try it the next time I am in a crowded shoe store at the mall.  I know it’s a bitch move, but one I would gladly reciprocate. However, I am a decisive woman, I know what I want, and I can grocery shop like a Nascar driver, but if you can catch me pondering a vegetable long enough, I will be happy to hand you a bag…



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